Lazy Person’s Guide to Detox: Pills or Teas

Lazy Person’s Guide to Detox: Pills or Teas

There are essentially two types of lazy people trying to lose weight: understandably busy folks and human Garfield.No judgment if you’re the second type of lazy person. Some of the smartest inventors usually are.The thing is, society’s taught that there’s a solution for every problem in a pill bottle. Have a headache, take some aspirin, need to feel happy, take antidepressants, need to lose weight take a pill if you don’t want to workout.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that the well-documented benefits of drinking detox tea have been made “conveniently” in the form of detox pills. But do they offer the same benefits?

To answer this, you’ll need to see exactly what detox does to the body, then how an everyday detox tea regiment defers from detox pills.

Why You Need To Detox

During the course of your day, you will be exposed to countless types and amounts of toxins.In the air you breath (think carbon emissions from trucks and second-hand smoke, all of which have been linked with cancer), the water you drink and to top it all up, the junk foods you fill up on (they’re tasty, but overly processed foods really aren’t nutritious).

Now your body has a toxins removal system in place. You have your liver, two hardworking kidneys and the biggest of them all, your skin. So even though all these toxins get into your body, they should be able to handle them.

The problem is, our bodies aren’t designed to handle lots of stupidity (a little dose of stupid once in a while should be fine). If you’re exposed to carbon emissions, there’s really not much you could have done to prevent the toxins from getting into your body, so these organs work to get them out.

Binging on alcohol, cigarettes and junk foods though, are entirely within the realms of your control. So consuming these products is like a premeditated effort on your part to overwork your anti-toxins organs.

Thanks to science, society knows it’s possible to help the body get rid of these toxins – mostly they encourage DRINKING LOTS OF FLUIDS to flush out toxins, eating healthy balanced whole foods (which can occasionally be supplemented with the best meal replacement shakes and exercising (because sweating also detoxes, this is a lazy person’s guide, so clearly this part won’t be emphasized).

Anyways, you’ve seen why you need to detox, moving on to the best way to detox.

Detox Pills or Teas

Detox Pills vs Detox Tea Benefits

The first thing you’ll notice about detox tea reviews and some of the best meal replacement shakes reviewed, like those on 310 shake reviews, is that they encourage taking tons of fluids.

The best tea detox, like a green tea detox, will require that you take several cups of tea a day, sometimes using just one tea bag for 3 cups of tea per day. Which means you’re severely diluting the ingredients, taking them at a very slow pace.

Note that your skin LOVES when you drink lots of water.

You can see the first instance, where taking detox pills might be a problem. Sure, people are advised to take pills with water, but it isn’t uncommon to just pop a pill without drinking any water at all. What’s more, pills are often very concentrated forms of the real stuff, so they might end up being too toxic, when taken constantly, in the long run.

On the other hand, some teas, like fit detox tea, may not taste all that great to you (because everyone has different taste buds) so popping pills may be understandable.

Remember though that taking pills won’t sort out some of the reasons you need to detox in the first place, like;

  • reducing artificial ingredients and
  • reducing industrial chemicals.

Side Effects of Detox Pills & Detox Tea Weight Loss products

The biggest issue with a product considered the best detox tea for weight loss and healthy skin is that it will usually contain a laxative ingredient known as senna. Taken in excess, you can experience diarrhea, stomach cramps and such. This is a well-known side effect, so you’ll usually be adviced not to take these teas for months without taking breaks.

With detox pills though, it’s entirely possible to buy a product without knowing the exact quantity of ingredients in it.

Detox pills are notoriously cheap, so to stay competitive, a lot of them are not made in the US. So, it’s quite possible for a pill to underdoes those ingredients that are expensive (they’ll still be there mind you, so the firm’s technically not lying to you) and use cheap fillers. If you decide to go with pills, make sure you get an FDA approved brand.


Your bodies made up of more than 70% water, which is probably nature’s way of hinting at what’s best for it.Even though taking pills to detox may seem easier, the healthier option (remember you’re already skipping exercise altogether cause it’s too much handwork) will be to take several cups of detox tea a day. Just give it a try, unless of course, you’ve fully embraced that you’re essentially a human Garfield.