3 Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments You Should Consider

3 Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments You Should Consider

If you’ve ever wondered what non-invasive fat reduction treatments actually do to the body, and if they really work, you came to the perfect place! Just the idea of it seems enticing enough to make anyone consider as to whether they can genuinely reduce their muffin top, firm their saddlebags or shrink belly pooches. Non-invasive fat reduction treatments claim to contour those fatty areas that are hard to eliminate with diet and exercise alone.


Coolsculpting uses a patented cooling technology — similar to Cryotherapy – to target particular areas of accumulated fat, such as love handles. One treatment takes an hour, with no downtime afterwards. A hand-held applicator is placed on bulges of fat, which then suctions it up into the applicator.

The fat is held between two metal plates that apply a specific cold temperature that chills the fat without damaging the surrounding skin or tissue. The frozen fat cells are destroyed, and they start to gradually die over the next several weeks. What’s left is a reduced layer of fat at the treated area. This is controlled by your body’s own natural response mechanism, so this happens a bit slowly. The results are generally visible within 2-4 months. Usually, repeat sessions are needed to reach the desired results.

Since results typically show over a 2-4 month period, its best to plan ahead if you are considering Coolsculpting in preparation for an event, like a wedding or a vacation. Side effects are minimal swelling, redness and at times temporary nerve pain.

Coolsculpting is ideal for candidates with stubborn fat that have a certain amount of protrusion that you can grab and hold onto beyond a 1” pinch test. CoolSculpting is used to treat the abdomen, thighs and flanks. CoolSculpting along with other fat removal treatments in Dr Saras & Co Sydney clinics helps eliminate stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime.


Liposonix is a unique treatment that targets the mid-level layer of fat in more significant and general areas of the abdomen. The procedure takes about an hour, with no downtime afterwards. Rather than cold, it uses ultrasonic thermal energy to eliminate the fat and prompt the collagen around the treated area to firm the skin.

 A hand-held applicator gently moves across the targeted area, moving in a circular pattern to achieve the desired shape. The applied heat pierces deeper than cold temperatures and destroys the fat cells, thus causing them to gradually die over the next several weeks. The body eliminates the damaged fat cells through the lymphatic system, leaving behind a reduced fat layer at the treatment area.

The final results are generally seen over 2-4 months, and multiple treatments may be administered if required. Ideal candidates should have good skin tone, and a doctor must be able to pinch at least 1” of tissue on a pinch test. Liposonix is approved to reduce waist circumference. Some patients experience mild bruising or soreness following this procedure.


With Zerona low-level “cold” lasers is used to disrupt fat cell membranes, increasing their permeability. This process causes the fat cells to leak into the interstitial fluid, where the body can either later re-absorb it or burn it up. Even though the fat cells are unharmed, they decrease in size, which leads to a slimmer contour.

Zerona is based on laser light stimulation or photo-stimulation, meaning that no piece of the device ever touches the body. The laser diodes hang from above, releasing cold laser light in a circular motion over the targeted areas. These lasers prompt receptor sites on the fat cell to open where its contents can empty.

Zerona treatment lasts around 40 minutes, typically 20 minutes facing up and 20 minutes facing down on the treatment table. The best results are seen with six treatment session, two days apart and over a span of two weeks. A one-month commitment is ideal, combined with a modified diet and light cardio.