How to choose a therapist in

How to choose a therapist in

Is your life devastated? Are you suffering from a lay off, a divorce, or a depression? It’s normal to find difficulties in life and sometimes, we are unable to get out of them that time is the time you need help… But there are so many therapists, how will you find the right one? A therapist must have life experience, empathy and wisdom. He is going to teach you how to live or manage your life. Start your search today and consider the following while searching for a therapist.


You have to make sure that you will be comfortable with a person while sharing your life secrets, thus check out the profile and photos of the therapists first. Like choose who will be comfortable, male or female.

The Right Stuff

You have to find therapists who have cured people like you. Few of the therapists focus only on mood disorders, eating disorders or sexual dysfunctions. You can custom the search to get a therapist which specializes in your area of interest. Also find the treatment used by the therapists in the process. 


Therapists work according to some orientation and methods. For example, some use cognitive behavioral therapy. There are many effective methods. Read more, if you want to learn more about therapies.

Make contacts

First of all contact two or three therapist. Probably you will get voicemail. Don’t cut the phone, just leave your name and phone number. When you meet the therapist for the first time, ask yourself a question if you felt connection with the therapists, in front of whom you can reveal yourself. You need a one in front of whom w you can feel easy and conformable. Usually the first session is always free, if you don’t feel a connection move on to the next one. 

Sharing Values

It is very critical for you both to share the same values. One must have a thought that psychotherapy has no value but at the same time he should be finding a good therapist. A client therapist is a relationship. If you want to create a relationship, it should start from the core. For example, if your partner in relationship has brought you into the therapy, you must want to know what your therapists think about relationships.

Listening skills:

It is very important for a therapist to have good listening skills. You have to make sure that your therapist is attentive and is hearing what you say.


A therapist should not please you. A therapist doesn’t have to flatter you if you are suffering from self esteem problems. Choose a therapist who challenges you, or the one who gives to some assignments to improve.

Ask the therapist about the duration of the therapies. Never accept an answer that is vague. A experienced person can guess what you are expecting.