Never withhold vital information when it comes to medication

Never withhold vital information when it comes to medication

It’s never a good thing to leave out important details no matter how small it is, especially when dealing with medicine since you are putting someone else’s health at risk when doing so. While transparency is usually practiced in this field, this is not the case of Abilify, a supposedly effective antipsychotic drug that is used to treat schizophrenia.

Though there are definite side effects that a patient may experience when they are taking antipsychotics such as gaining weight and being more sexually aroused than usual, the company responsible for manufacturing the drug left out key details regarding other side effects of the drug resulting in a lot of people getting affected by it which is why a lot of them are filing lawsuits against the company with the Bellwether Trial Date: September 2018.

Negligence leading to extensive damage

Due to the company’s negligence of leaving out very important details about the antipsychotic drug to the general public, a lot of people who were taking it for medication were taken by surprise when they started feeling different. Of course there are side effects when taking these drugs but what the company held out on was the fact that their drug may amplify the side effects, which it did and that led to a lot of people getting affected by it.

Irreparable damage

Some of these victims of the drug experienced quite severe damages, some even irreparable and irreversible. Due to the nature of the side effect of the drug which has the ability to heighten compulsive behaviour, some people find themselves doing something which they don’t really want to. Some victims find themselves neck deep in debt because of uncontrollable gambling which is caused by lack of impulse control. Some even go on a shopping spree which led their credit cards to be maxed out, and these aren’t even the worst of the worst.

Since antipsychotics have a tendency to heighten one’s sexual urges, some victims find themselves addicted to sex and have even possibly contracted HIV due to their lack of self-control, which they can’t really be blamed for.

Some have even developed type-2 diabetes because of overeating, most of these diabetic cases come from a younger spectrum as well.

Right to sue

Since the drug caused havoc in these victims’ lives, they have the right to be angry which is clearly an understatement, they also have every right to sue the company for withholding vital information about the drug causing the victims to have heightened compulsive behaviour as well as losing control over these compulsive behaviours which led them to the state they are in right now. While the drug did what it was supposed to do which was suppress or “cure” mental illnesses, it also enhanced the side effects by more than twofold causing the victims to lose control over their impulses and clouding their better judgement.

In any case, due to the severity of the nature of the unfortunate incidents regarding the victims and patients which used the drug clearly with no knowledge about the adverse side effects it will cause them, filing a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the drug is probably for the best for the law to take legal action.