Skin care in a different way and the steps to follow

Skin care in a different way and the steps to follow

There are some principles that have to be followed at the starting stage of skin care.

  1. There are some external elements around us were we have to protect our skin from that elements to make the skin strong.
  2. The nerve endings will have some sort of tissues that may affect the skin in a small amount but if it increased in a higher level then it will gives you pain, it also react hot, cold, vibrate, injury etc., so you need to careful. You should leave it as a big problem. You should stop it in a limited period.
  3. There is a heat regulator in your body were that makes your body to pump the blood all around your body and also it passes all over the skin. Sometimes the heat regulator will reduce the flow of the blood to all the parts in our body.
  4. There is an important part in our body which will used to release all our waste in the form of sweating. It is very good if the body sweats because it will release all the waste water from our body.

Skin care

As your age rises your skin will turn naturally into a dry skin, elastic skin and it may also produce some wrinkles in your skin. You can surely make your skin glow up with an easy care and by using some moisturiser.  These are the simple tips that can make your skin shiny.

Routine care:

It is very important that you should drink 8 glasses of water each day (minimum). The fruit like lemon and oranges has to been taken which will give you Vitamin A. Eat vegetables like cucumber which is a supplement of Vitamin E. That is also considered as a trace element of the skin. Don’t use some other moisture creams use only the water based creams like olive oil creams etc., that too immediately after bathing.

Take a peaceful break at least once in a week:

I know this will be easy to hear and very tough to do it in a practical life because you may have the responsibility of taking care of your children, parents or any other elderly people. But it is very necessary to relax yourself without any stress once in a week. You may relax yourself in many different ways. For example, you can have a small walk in the beach or in the park, you can listen to the music by relaxing yourself n bed, you can have a cup of coffee with the free mind, you can sit in the park just to watch people around you. These things make you to free from the stress so it is very much important in everyone’s life.

Take care of your mind:

As you have work for the whole day though you are a business person or not, worker or not, working women or house wife everyone will have stress on their own. So everyone should make their mind free from their mind as i already said. If you are depressed in any way you should make it solve in a easy way you shouldn’t make it so serious.