Braces or Invisalign Express: Which Option to Go For?

Braces or Invisalign Express: Which Option to Go For?

Aligners are one of the latest advances in the field of orthodontics. They effectively correct all types of bite disorders while being much more convenient to wear than traditional braces. Above all, they are altogether invisible on one’s teeth.

Today, the best aligners on the market are Invisalign aligners offered by Align Technology. Invisalign Express is a perfect option for people with minor dental defects which usually can be fixed in just about six months. Find more info on this dental appliance.

The top reason people opt in for Invisalign Express aligners is aesthetic considerations. Traditional metal braces have gone a long way towards looking sleeker and better but they still cause patients significant psychological unease. This is not to mention that taking care of braces is a tiresome routine since they are non-removable.

Invisalign Express

So which option should you go for? Here’s a good comparison that would help you make an educated decision (although your orthodontist will recommend you the best option in your particular case).

Braces vs. Invisalign Express aligners

Braces Invisalign Express aligners
Braces consist of wires, brackets and bands. Metal braces remain the most popular option due to their cost. Invisalign Express is a set of removable trays which are uniquely designed for you. No metal elements are required to affix them.
Non-removable Removable. Can be taken off in the process of eating, cleaning teeth, flossing, etc.
Visible. Even sleek sapphire braces can still be spotted on one’s teeth. Invisible
Metal elements can cause significant discomfort, caries and gingivitis. No such discomfort is present.
Make it quite hard for patients to undertake dental hygiene procedures which can result in caries. Since Invisalign Express aligners are removable, patients can take them off to take care of their oral cavity properly every day.

Additionally, correcting malocclusion of teeth with Invisalign Express has a number of other advantages:

  • the orthodontist can calculate the load on each tooth with incredible precision, therefore ideally positioning aligners to reach desired effect quickly;
  • orthodontic treatment with aligners works great for patients with dental implants;
  • they can prepare the teeth to lumineers or veneers;
  • aligners can create just as much space for a dental implant as necessary;
  • aligners allow for interactive treatment. Your orthodontist can check the interim results with a computer model designed at the beginning of your treatment and make the timely adjustments, if necessary.

The cost of Invisalign Express aligners depends on each particular case. A lot of people believe that traditional braces are more affordable but you would need professional advice from an orthodontist to know for sure. As well as that, Invisalign Express aligners are applied for a much shorter period of just about six months.

Whatever option works for you, good luck with your journey to a perfect smile!