Drink Watermelon Juice for Detoxification

Drink Watermelon Juice for Detoxification

By consuming vegetable and fruit juices, you will get a good supply of water and other essential elements to your body. Qwench Juice will help your body detoxify and for this purpose, watermelon juice is the right choice.

Watermelon is tasty and juicy, consuming watermelon on a regular basis provides several health benefits to your body.

High water content

This is a proven fact that watermelon was first cultivated in the Nile valley and for a long time it remained in charge of Egyptian farmers. It has good quantity of water in it and healthy fructose gives you instant energy, it has low calories.

Health benefits of watermelon juice

Let us understand the nutritional value of this fruit, hundred grams of watermelon pulp will give you 35 calories, 90 g of water, 8 g of carbohydrates and 0.6 gm of protein and nearly half of the recommended dose of vitamins C. It will also give vitamin A, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

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It has low calorie count

Watermelonhas a sweet taste, but it will give you a low percentage of carbohydrates. You do not need to worry about its calorific value. It has important biochemical, which is required for good health. Consume watermelon juice on a regular basis to get a good quantity of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Anti-cold fruit

When I tell my clients to consume watermelon regularly to avoid cold attacks, they get surprised. Watermelon will help your body combat extreme heat and thirst in summers. It is good in mouth and it will remove the bad taste from your mouth. It is good for digestive tract and removes mucus present in your intestines.

You are suffering from cough or cold,then you can take a glass of watermelon juice and mix 3 teaspoons of honey in it. Heat it and consume it at an interval of two hours, this is a wonderful pectoral drink.

Watermelon is laxative

When you consume fiber in good quantity,this creates a laxative action. If you are suffering from intestinal constipation, then you must drink watermelon juice. On the contrary, if you have a diarrheal tendency, then do not drink watermelon juice in good quantity.

It is diuretic

Watermelon juice is diuretic, which will enhance the secretion of urine and this will help your body to throw out the impurities. Health experts recommend it for those people who are suffering from kidney, prostate and the unitary tract infections. People who are suffering from diabetes, hypertension and obesity can consume it without any hassle because it has low calorie count and low carbohydrate content.

It is anti-rheumatic

Watermelon Qwench Juice has good quantity of alkaline minerals, which will decrease the accumulated acid in the body. This is the reason why watermelon is advised to consume in arthritis, gout and rheumatism. It is also good for sciatica pain. It is a little bit difficult to define all the dietary qualities of watermelon in a single article. This is a wonderful fruit to be eatenin summer, which has a smooth and refreshing taste.