Internet based marketing of Medicinal products

Internet based marketing of Medicinal products


Internet based marketing business has picked up in a big way in the recent decade and is one of the most popular businesses taken up by many individuals and groups. Basically, it is a low-risk business, with assured returns on the simple principles of product usage and referral marketing. This is a model in which you get benefit by using the health-care and personal-care products and by referring these to people you know. The base product being used here is an extract from cannabi, which is organic CBD oil taken out from hemp leaves of Cannabis Sativa plant cultivated in the USA. The product has several health benefits, which is why it has become popular in the USA, UK and in other countries like Sweden, through CTFO Sweden.

About the Products:

These CTFO products go through quality control tests in third-party laboratories and are free of metals, pesticides and herbicides. These products are primarily targeted at the functioning of the brain, our thinking as well as to reduce pain. Some of the ailments like Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, sleep disorders etc. are capable of being treated with these products. They are competitively priced and provide excellent health-care, like the following:

  • Pure Hemp CBD Oil Herbal drops – for reducing pain, vomiting and nausea, and controlling muscle spasms;
  • Ultimate Deep Healing Pain cream with Emu Oil – for pain relief, general well-being and hydration;
  • Pain free-ze rub with pure CBD hemp oil – a cold therapy for rapid relief;
  • Pure Hemp CBD Vitamin C anti-aging serum – sunscreen and UV protection and wrinkles;
  • Pure Hemp CBD Wrinkle remover – helps reduce existing wrinkles;
  • Pure Hemp CBD Under eye cream – prevents damage and revives skin;
  • Pure Hemp CBD Total Wellness capsules – promotes health and well-being;
  • CBD Pet products like Pet chew treats, pet oral spray and pet shampoo

The business model:

Once you join as an Affiliate of CTFO Sweden, you can buy products of your choice and promote the products through a customized web-site which the company creates for you. To whom do you promote these products? To anyone who uses skin care and health-care products, to anyone who has pains and who is exposed to the sun! The company gives you complete guidance on how to do the business through the web-site and through other literature. Your references join your team as Affiliates, and like you, order the products for their personal use. The chain goes on, when your team members in turn enrol people as affiliates from their own circles. In this way, all purchases through you add up in your volume and business, for which you get paid through retail profit and share of the business turnover. It is a win-win situation created by becoming a CTFO affiliate member!