Is It Necessary to Lift Heavy Weights for Enhancing Muscle Mass?

Is It Necessary to Lift Heavy Weights for Enhancing Muscle Mass?

Everyone who is taking the membership of a gymnasium wants to know that is it necessary to lift heavy weights to increase muscle mass. Most of the people think that lifting heavy weights is the only thing by which they can enhance the size of their muscle. This is common that in every gymnasium bodybuilders lift heavy weights until they are completely exhausted.

Most of the fitness experts advise to lift heavy weights and consume whey protein with fewer repetitions. They suggest taking around six repetitions with heavy weights to increase the muscle definition. On the contrary, health studies have shown that what we are practicing for long is debatable and questionable. Mac Master’s University health department researchers have discovered that you do not need to lift heavy weights for enhancing the muscle size, you can achieve it with lighter weights also. You can decrease your weights by 30% when it comes to using lightweights. This will help you perform all the repetitions with proper accuracy. When you use lighter weights, this is natural that you will perform more repetitions. This will keep you in touch with weights for a longer duration. You can keep on lifting until you are completely exhausted and you are unable to lift the one more time. This is the key, which will take you near to your goal of achieving bigger muscle mass.


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This is an advice of benefit for those who do not like lifting heavy weights. They can enhance their muscle size without increasing the chances of injury. When you work out with the fear of injury, you cannot give your 100% to your workout routine. Moreover, people who have physical problems also find it difficult to do exercises with heavy weights. Many people have low back problems and that is why Doctor advises them not to use heavy weights. They can do the same exercises with lightweights.

Keep on challenging yourself

This is important to change the exercises and the weights by which you are doing exercise. This will help your muscles grow in different ways and they will not adapt to a set of exercises. When you follow a set pattern for every body part, your body starts adapting to the weight and the exercises. Changing your exercises every four weeks is a better option to shock your body muscles. This will also help you avoid a plateau, which most of the bodybuilders face. You can also opt for two weeks of exercising with heavy weights than a week with lighter weights.

When you are exercising for muscle mass, do not take the importance of consuming carbohydrates and quality protein for granted. Exercise will shape up your body and your food will provide all the necessary elements, which are required for muscle building. You need to include whey protein supplement in your regular diet for fast muscle growth. Carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats are three essential macro nutrients required by the body. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet will ensure the supply of necessary vitamins and minerals.