Knee injury signs and symptoms that you should be concerned about

Knee injury signs and symptoms that you should be concerned about

Knee problems seem to be increasing as a common problem over the years and are affecting a large bit of the population, all over the world. Most often, the injuries that develop are due to excessive wear and tear due to overuse of the joint. It is quite common in individuals who are athletes, or have a profession that requires physical exertion such as dancers, gymnasts, skaters, field of construction, among others.

absorbing shock

The knee makes for one of the largest joint in our body. The bones are separated by menisci, commonly known as discs. You must have often heard of knee injuries pertaining to slip discs. The outer covering is a cartilage that protects the knee by absorbing shock and making the surface smooth.

Knee injuries are one among the many causes of knee problems. It could be due to a heavy blow to the knee, twisting, or falling which damaged the knees. Pain and bruises will occur the minute the knee is hurt. Here are a few signs and symptoms for knee injuries that you must take into account:

  1. Pain and swelling which occurs immediately.

The first sign of a knee injury is to usually identify the swelling around the knee area along with discomforting pain. This symptom usually takes place when it is an acute knee injury which can showcase two types of symptoms, one where there is overall swelling and pain which occurs immediately after the injury and other where there is the pain is specific and localised to one part of the knee with reduced swelling.

  1. If there is redness around the area.

Another symptom is when the redness around the knee persists for more than a day and you feel very warm and tender when somebody tries to touch the area.

  1. Noises like crunching or breaking.

When you try to walk, and you feel that there are noises that occur around the knee which is similar to something breaking, then it is a sign of knee injury.

  1. When you cannot straighten your knee.

Another obvious symptom is when you are unable to straighten your knee after an injury.

Here are a few indications to see a doctor immediately when you develop these symptoms:

  1. If you can’t walk.

If you have problems lifting yourself up, walk a short distance, and find it very difficult to move your knee after a long day, it is advisable to get your knee checked.

  1. If you have marked swelling.

It is common to have swelling around your legs the minute you suffer from a knee injury. But if the swelling persists for days along with other alarming symptoms, it is better to show your knee to a doctor.

  1. Intolerable pain.

If you are unable to deal with the pain, you must ensure that you get you knee checked, immediately. If you have additional swelling in other neighbouring areas and you feel like you cannot set your foot down, then it advisable to meet with an orthodontist, or any doctor for first aid.