Origin Of Oriental Health Insurance

Origin Of Oriental Health Insurance

The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. started its historic journey in the year 1947 at the Indian state of Bombay (now Mumbai). Its Head Office is located in New Delhi, with 30 regional offices and more than around 1800 operating offices in different cities of the nation.

Oriental Health Insurance is one of the most reputed and prominent insurers and it aims at the well-being and the best-in-class medical attention for people irrespective of their financial capabilities.

It is needless to discuss the importance of health insurance policy in today’s life, but a noteworthy point here is that the enrolment in a right health insurance plan should be made as early as possible.

Oriental Health Insurance plans provide the required financial protection if there is a situation of unexpected or a pre-planned hospitalization. Oriental Insurance provides the facilities of multiple health insurance policies so that people can easily choose a suitable plan, in order to fulfil their policy expectation.

Salient Features of Oriental Health Insurance

Oriental Health Insurance provides top-class health insurance services to a large number of customers. It’s time to discuss the striking features of this insurance policy one by one:

The respective policyholders can avail the facility of Cashless Treatment in the listed network hospitals. Whenever a policyholder gets hospitalized at any of these listed hospitals, he/she will get the benefit of cashless treatment.

There is no initial screening for customers aged up to 55 years. This is one of the most beneficial factors due to which Oriental Health Insurance has become very successful. The company’s goal is to make people tension free about medical expenses. In case you are worried about purchasing a compressive insurance coverage because of pre-existing illnesses, then the commendable plans of Oriental health are there for you.

Comprehensive Health Coverage is an incredible health plan designed by Oriental Health. This plan has been formulated after analysing the insurance requirements and expectations of different people. To greatly meet the insurance expectations, Comprehensive Health Coverage is an ideal option.

Daily Cash Allowance is one of the considerable factors for many people. Whenever a policyholder of Oriental Health Insurance is hospitalized, he/she will be paid daily cash, as per the sum insured.

Oriental Health Insurance has designed plans that provide the facility of maximum sum insured to the respective buyers.

You will get exciting discounts on health insurance premium. The health plans offered by Oriental Insurance Company are featured with incredible discounts that have made this insurance policy a worth-investing one.

Fast claim settlement is another factor to consider when people start looking for a right health insurance policy. The reputation and reliability of an insurance company are determined by the approach of its claim settlement. Oriental health provides the facility of easy, effortless, hassle-free, and smooth claim experience to all of its policyholders.

Regardless of the age, all the policyholders of Oriental Health Insurance will get the insurance benefits throughout their lives.

Portability is another great benefit offered by Oriental health. In case you are not satisfied with the services of Oriental Health Insurance, you can easily shift to another insurer, as per your preference. Likewise, if you want to switch to Oriental health from the current insurance provider, then you are most welcome.

Advantages of Buying an Oriental Health Insurance

The great benefits of enrolling in Oriental Health Insurance are as follows:

In-Patient Hospitalization Costs: Hospitalization involves a number of expenses, such as expenses of room rent, boarding, ICU, nursing, OT etc. Apart from that, medical bills and the fee of the medical professional should also be cleared. The policyholders of Oriental Health Insurance obtain coverage for all of these aforementioned expenses.

Pre-hospitalization Costs: The costs of pre-hospitalization are covered for the duration of 30 days.

Post-hospitalization Costs: Post-hospitalization costs are provided with coverage for the duration of 60 days.

Hospital Cash: Oriental Health Insurance provides the facility of daily cash benefit for fulfilling the non-medical costs.

Domiciliary Treatment Costs: Up to a particular duration, the costs of domiciliary treatment will be provided with coverage.

Day Care Treatment or Procedures: According to the plan of the policyholder, day care procedures or treatment will be covered.

Organ Donor Charges: In the case of organ donation, the donor charges will be covered, as per the chosen plan.

Maternity Cover: Oriental Health Insurance makes maternity coverage cover available for mother and infant.

Convalescence Benefit: Oriental Health also provides the facility of convalescence coverage as specified in the selected policy.

A proper health insurance plan is important for everyone. Neglecting it can leave a person in a complete shock after going through the bills of treatments. Choose Oriental Health Insurance today and make it your helping hand.