Osteopathy – Its Importance For Your Musculoskeletal Health

Osteopathy – Its Importance For Your Musculoskeletal Health

Experiencing problems with our musculoskeletal system can range from mild to severe. Some can be treated with pain relievers. But when the pain and discomfort affect your everyday life, you need to see an osteopath. Osteopathic treatment, management and education are very important to keep our musculoskeletal system healthy.

            Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy. It is the oldest manipulative therapies and can treat the musculoskeletal systems of your body. This is a common practice in the United States for over 135 years. Now, osteopathy is becoming a popular treatment is other parts of the world including Australia. This treatment is now recommended by general practitioners, sports doctors, and other health practitioners.

St. Kilda Osteopathy

Every since Osteopathy was considered as one of the best musculoskeletal system treatment therapy, many clinics have entered this business. In 2004, St. Kilda Osteopathy opened with their over 6 decades of “hand on” experience. They cater to different complex and chronic musculoskeletal cases and also acute injuries and complaints.

What to Expect with St. Kilda Osteopathy Treatment

St. Kilda Osteopathy is the leader when it comes to manual therapy practices. They emphasize in making sure that their practitioners are involved in Continuing Professional Development to be able to provide up-to-date methods that are proven to be helpful in manual therapy, injury prevention, and also rehabilitation.


  • Assessment and explanation process where the diagnosis and the treatment recommendations are being discussed with the patient. This will also include the estimated number of sessions that the patient needs.
  • The reassessment will be done at every start and end of each session. This is to make sure that the patient is comfortable with their progress and they are able to see the improvements that they are achieving.
  • A consent to treatment is going to be required and it can also be withdrawn any time.
  • Kilda takes referrals from general practitioners for Enhanced Primary Care management Plans or Chronic Disease Management Plans.
  • The osteopaths have a strong working relationship with other general practitioners this means that St. Kilda can refer you to a trusted professional if it is needed and vice versa.

Why Choose St. Kilda Osteopathy?

St. Kilda is no doubt one of the best osteopathy clinics. They are always making sure that they provide you with proper time in assessing and treating all areas involved which may contribute to your condition. This includes techniques like gentle manipulation with soft tissue massage. It will also include lymphatic drainage, muscle energy techniques, articulation, stretching, postural alignment, as well as nutritional and rehabilitation advice which can give every patient a longer lasting result.

The treatment types offered ranges from different methods at St. Kilda Osteopathy. The treatments will be individualized and would right fit the patient’s age, whether they are adults, teenagers, children and even newborns.

When you are looking for an osteopath, you know who to call. St. Kilda Osteopathy will be more than happy to help you with your musculoskeletal system problems. They provide a holistic approach to their treatments so you know that you will be taken cared of without a doubt.