PET CT Centers in Mumbai

PET CT Centers in Mumbai

Radioactive Rays

Although being very poisonous for human beings rather every possible life form present in this universe, radioactive rays can be utilized very much in a most positive ways also. Radiotherapy is an emerging branch of treatment which uses radioactive rays in a very controlled and calculated amount for the treatment. It has got a lot of important applications mainly in the field of cancer where radiotherapy is used to kill harmful cancerous cells present in the body and exhibiting their malignancy. Targeted radio therapy is also used these with the hope of better results in treating one of the deadliest disease. Radioactive materials are also used in different diagnostic test. For the better viewing of the site or the tissue or the organ malfunctioning. They respond to abnormal chemical activity and detection is based on those abnormality or increased chemical activity and from that gives us a picture that are analyzed by the doctors for the treatment of the disease. Different imaging techniques are present out of them PET, CT scan and MRI are used mostly by the doctors as they give very efficient and quick result of the problem that has to get detected.

Positron Emission Tomography

PET or what is commonly known as the positron emission tomography is mainly an imaging procedure used for the better viewing of the organs and tissues exhibiting malfunctions and increased chemical insurgency.  They are subjected with small tracer elements that mainly helps in the detection of any of the abnormalities present in any of the organ and the tissue system thus image of that particular portion is taken and thus the doctors are able to get the knowledge of the actual problem that is occurring in the body. These tracer elements are the radioactive drugs which are used in controlled amount so that it does not harm the other cells of the body. The PET scan can reveal many of the diseases before its arrival. It can also be used in combination with the many other imaging test like CT scan (Computed Tomographic scan) to obtain better images of the site that is causing the problem. Mainly the PET-CT scan centers in Mumbai are very much advanced with a lot of skilled technicians and doctors.


Positron emission tomography is used in the detection of various problems like cancer, heart problems and also in some of the brain disorders. All of these defects causes a huge increase in the chemical abnormality in the body conditions that is detected by this scan. It is very much advanced from other imaging methods as PET can uncover many different pictures and scans that other techniques like MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging and CT scan (Computed Tomography scan) that enables the doctors to diagnose the problem in a better way and also assessing the condition.

Utility of using together

One of the most important reason for the using CT and PET together is the early diagnosis of the many diseases before its advent can be done which can’t be obtained when used separately.

Centers in India

India has many good centers where PET and CT and MRI are done, with advanced instruments under the guidance of strict and expert technicians and qualified doctors. PET CT Mumbai centers are also very much advanced providing good facility.