Spinal cord and its problems

Spinal cord and its problems

Human body structure

It is said that the human body is one of the most decorated as well as the most systematic system I n this world. Nothing can be compared with the human beings and their structural organization. The internal organization of the human body is full of different organs as well as organelles. These organs are very much important for the human thus they definitely not for some show. The organs are very much functional each having a separate function to play and thus they collectively those functions are very much important of the body as well. And each if the function are very much important and these functions from different separate organs complement each other in a different way. Thus problem in one of the organs and the problem in their functioning can cause problems all over the body in many cases. And more specifically when the problem is with the blood stream it will definitely infect the human body as blood is called as the liquid connective tissue of the human body and the blood reaches almost each and every internal corner of the human body. So in an easy way we can say we the human beings are the highest in the taxonomic category as compared to any animal in the animal kingdom.

Spine and the nervous system

Nervous system is primary thing that a body needs for it activity and also for its proper functioning. The nervous system consists of the nerves and the nerves fiber that are all over the internal part of the body to receive sensation from almost every possible corner of the body. Such is the huge reach of this system. And on that note it also must be told that the organ that primarily controls the nervous system of the human being is the brain. Brain is the central most coordinative system of the human body along with the endocrine glands and also their secretions also called as the hormones. Brain is also the central most part of the CNS or the central nervous system as well. The CNS mainly consists of the brain and the spinal cord. Now spinal cord is another organ which is very much important and always used in out day to day lifestyle. Human beings are mobile object as they tend to move and also tries shift as well. Spinal cord is that organs that helps in the balancing of the human body during any type of movement or in any type of locomotion.


The spinal cord also transmits nerve impulse as well. These impulses are the information given by the brain that travel to different regions of the body for which they are generated. The nerve fibers runs through the inner space of the spinal cord and does their work.

Arrangements of the spinal cord

The spinal cord is arranged in a way that looks like when the coins are stacked upon each other. Such that the discs are staked one upon another to form the total spinal cord, through which the nerve fiber runs.

Facilities for the cure

Any problem in regard to the spinal cord can be cured with the help of the surgery. Best spine surgery hospital in India has all the necessary equipment for which the doctors are able to cure patients of their miseries.