What is ACL reconstruction? Get the full information about this important surgery

What is ACL reconstruction? Get the full information about this important surgery

ACL reconstruction or anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is a surgery of tissue by which the various type of graft replacement occurs in your knee ligament. It is very important for the restoring the function after an injury. The injured ligament is replaced by graft in an arthroscopic procedure. Grafts are inserted by a tunnel which is drilled by the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia). By the tunnels, the graft pulled and fix with screws. The two main objects of this X-ray which are works as screws are shin bone at the below side and thigh bone at the above side of the graft.

There are various types of grafts are available those are:

  • Autografts are made by the bone or tissue of patient’s body and made by the harvested procedure.
  • Allografts are made by using the tissue or bone from another body like liver donor or cadaver.
  • The newest technique of ligament repair purpose is BEAR procedure which is a short process and done by the enhancement of bridge for ACL repairing purpose.

For anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in two knees, you have to go through the two different surgeries. After this surgery people have to follow some rules to avoid any problems.

After any ACL surgery, you have to take care of you at the time walk down through the stair. Slop is very dangerous for these patients. There is huge risk of slipping and the pressure of knee joint is very dangerous for the leg, so avoid walking by slops. If you are a player of soccer, hockey, football and any other activities then he has to stop their playing. Uneven ground is also bad for the patients. There is lots of successful ACL reconstruction surgery in India which are an example for the world.

Physical therapy is the best way to get the first recovery after this surgery. By regular and consistence injury is the only way to get back the flexibility of your ligament. It is also good for preventing the breakdown of tissue and reduce the loss of muscle tone. An isometric exercise will give you zero strain on the knee and prevent the muscle loss.

At least six week time is needed for attaching bone with the graft and then the patients can try to walk on their own and can perform some simple physical tasks. At this time doctor recommending for first-round physical therapy in which you have to take some physical exercise for your fast recovery purpose. After twelve week of surgery patients can try for regimen exercise in which you can involve some stress related exercise on the knee which is beneficial for increasing the resistance of knee. After four months of exercise, people can run without any risk.

Conclusion: So ACL reconstruction is one of the tough and critical surgery and it will take time for recovery purpose there are many chances of risk. A proper care and rehabilitation after the post-surgery only make you fit. Take care of your knee and consult with a specialist physician. This is the only way to get recovery from this situation.