What is to be known about pregnancy and high blood pressure?

What is to be known about pregnancy and high blood pressure?

Blood pressure can be controlled by the average person by following positive lifestyle changes. But the question is, will the unborn child be harmed if the pregnant women suffer from high blood pressure. The medical experts are of the opinion that high blood pressure could lead to causing complications in pregnancy. If it is not timely treated, then both  the fetus and the mother are prone to dangers. Different ways does exist to help such pregnant mothers suffering from high blood pressure to control this condition as well as to reduce fetus’ health risks. Not every pregnant woman having hypertension is said to put the baby in danger. Some can enjoy healthy pregnancies without facing any kind of complication.

It has been estimated that high blood pressure problems faced by would-be mothers is increasing due to the stress and strain of modern life, with more than 70% of the women experiencing first time pregnancy. The physician will provide the right medicine for high blood pressure in pregnancy to provide immense and quick relief.

Hypertension and its negative effects

High blood pressure may have side effects on the person which could be severe or mild and include the following:

  • Damage caused to the mother in some of her internal organs and the kidneys
  • Cause low birth weight and early delivery
  • In few serious cases, mother might develop toxaemia of pregnancy (preeclampsia). It is regarded to be a dangerous condition which can prove to be fatal for fetus and the mother.

medicine for high blood pressure in pregnancy

About preeclampsia

It is a condition which generally develops during pregnancy’s sixth month and tends to occur from combination of kidney problems and high blood pressure, thus causing protein formation in the mother’s urine. The placenta is affected by preeclampsia and in the process, the mother’s liver, brain and the kidney is affected.

As the brain gets affected, seizures could be caused by preeclampsia, a dangerous condition known as eclampsica, considered to be the second leading cause for maternal death across the globe. also, complications may arise in the fetus due to preeclampsia including low birth weight, premature birth and stillbirth.

It is possible to treat preeclampsia, but complete cure is not possible until the baby has been delivered. This condition cannot be prevented in any known way. However, those showing the symptoms can be provided immediate treatment to eliminate the involved risks. Those pregnant women suffering from STDs are given medicine for hiv during pregnancy to ensure safe delivery of the child.

Who is at risk in developing preeclampsia?

  • Obese women
  • Those suffering from pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure
  • Suffering from hypertension or preeclampsia during another pregnancy
  • Carrying over one child
  • Women getting pregnant before 20 and after 40
  • Women suffering from lupus, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma

It is important to understand that complications may arise in pregnancy due to hypertension, those pregnant ladies suffering developing preeclampsia and high blood pressure can enjoy delivering healthy, bonny babies.