Why Many People Are Starting To Try Marijuana Edibles

Unlike a decade ago, marijuana has now been legalized. This is due to the studies that in fact marijuana is not bad and there are more medicinal properties that marijuana possesses that can be further be exploited for the betterment of mankind. As it’s now being legalized in more states in North America, it enabled more people to explore marijuana and not just explore the ways on how to smoke it.

Aside from smoking it, marijuana can be utilized by extracting its oil or using it as edibles. Extracts like cannabidiol have been known to be used as a means for pain management. A viable alternative as an all natural intervention versus synthetic drugs. With marijuana edibles, the ways that you can prepare this will solely rely on your creativity and how often you watch “how to” YouTube videos. Now using this as an edible commodity has a different concept that people should research and think twice if indeed they are willing to venture in this next level marijuana consumption.

Understanding how pot works: It’s like this, when you smoke weed, it heats up around 800 degrees Celsius and this is where the magic happens. At this point, the heat and smoke converts THCA to delta 9 THC which then binds to the receptors in your brain and causes you to get high in the process. This high will last for a good 2 – 4 hours but will depend on your tolerance.

About eating pot: Unlike smoking that the byproduct travels to your lungs then to the brain and with only minutes until you feel the effects,  eating pot is slower, given that it will follow the normal digestion process. But the end result of this is astonishing. You see once the pot will be metabolized by the liver, the end result will be delta 9 THC and 11-OH-THC. These are a much potent chemical and your high will last for more than 4-8 hours. The hit gets doubled and will last as twice with the same amount of pot.

Is this healthy: It is healthy! it’s healthier in a sense that you’re not smoking it. Preventing you to get the byproducts of smoking that will harm your lungs and health if you smoke for a long time like:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Irritants
  • Carcinogens

Marijuana had been debated for so many years if it was healthy or just something that addicts smoke to get high. In recent years as more people saw the light that marijuana is actually good for, you pushed the studies of marijuana and ultimately caused the legalization in some parts of North America. Because of this, it enabled other people to explore other options in taking the drug, as a form of medicine or edibles. While the medicine aspect has done great wonders, eating it is another story. It became another means to get high and some people dig it. As proof, you can check YouTube for reference on thousands of video showing how you can prepare pot as food. If you think that this is something that you can explore, visit planet 13 las vegas.