Why getting professional teeth cleaning is a must?

Why getting professional teeth cleaning is a must?

Did you know that a warm and moist oral environment can foster the growth of bacteria and other germs in your mouth? When left unattended, bacteria in your mouth can manifest in a number of ways.

For instance, plaque, a yellowish-white film formed on your teeth by the bacteria colonies in your mouth, is a common dental problem that most people face. When plaque is left untreated, it can damage your teeth and gum lining severely. The bacteria present in the plaque multiply and release an acid that causes damage to the enamel and gums in your mouth,

If plaque is not cleaned thoroughly on time, the bacterial colonies calcify and then mineralize into a very tough and hard substance called tartar. This attracts even more harmful germs and bacteria in the mouth.

Other harmful oral diseases caused by bacteria

Bacteria thriving in your mouth have the potential to cause gum diseases like gingivitis. If this condition is not treated quickly, it leads to periodontitis- a severe and painful form of gum disease that attacks the roots of your teeth and jaw bone. This further leads to bone loss – eventually, your teeth may die and fall off as they don’t have a solid foundation to hold them down.

How professional teeth cleaning can help?

Despite how habitual you are at maintaining your dental hygiene, plaque has a way of forming on the teeth over a period of time. Hence, it is best to get your teeth cleaned by a renowned dentist, at least once in six months. This helps to prevent the buildup of tartar and plaque on your teeth.

A family dental in phoenix has different types of professional teeth cleanings like:

  • Full Mouth Debridement:

Your dentist might use hand tools or a micro ultrasonic scaler to clean tartar deposits on the inside of your teeth. In this teeth cleaning technique, your dentist thoroughly cleans the calculus build-up in different areas of your mouth.

  • Prophylaxis teeth cleaning technique:

In this technique, your dentist uses precision hand instruments, medicated paste, ultrasonic scale, and polishing cup to clean your teeth. This process includes polishing of your teeth meticulously to get rid of any plaque formation.

  • Laser therapy:

When a bacterial infection affects the gums, jaw and the teeth, your dentist will opt for site-specific laser therapy. In this technique, a laser beam will be used to singe bacterial colonies that have formed deep within the confines of the gums and jaws. This therapy might also be used for other dental related problems.

  • Gingival bacterial reduction technique:

In this teeth cleaning method, a laser beam is flashed on the infected gum pockets in the mouth. The strong laser beam ensures to kill bacteria and other germs causing the gingivitis infection (puffy and bleeding gums). Post the laser session, and your dentist will thoroughly clean your mouth with a medicated paste.

There are different types of professional teeth cleaning practices. Your dentist at the family dental in phoenix will determine the type of cleaning you require and the number of cleanings you will need once in six months. This will also be based on the present condition of your teeth and gums.