Adderall Abuse Prevention

Adderall Abuse Prevention

Adderall is a formulation used normally for medication of some special psychiatric disorders. For therapeutic usage, the formulation includes Amphitamine Aspartate, Monohydrate Amphitamine Sulphate and Dextroamphitamine Sulphate as well as some other additives. It is popular as a medicine to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). However, a limit is set of 40 mg daily for adults by Doctors, which must not be exceeded. For Narcolepsy however, the dose amount should fall within 5-60 mg daily as prescribed. Taken in this dosage Adderall causes mild Euphoria. Taken in moderation and within the medical limits set by licensed Medical Practitioners, this drug is a useful and effective suppressant of some mental disorders. But Adderall Euphoria has become so attractive, particularly to the younger generation that these limits are exceeded drastically, resulting in extreme deterioration of mind and body, and lifelong enslavement to the drug.

America’s Pet Drug

In fact, and particularly, because the young are allowed to ingest Adderall, in large quantities or continuously, by their parental guides, an epidemic of addiction seems to have been caused particularly in America. People of a particular generation feel that the drug has positive effects only with no harmful side-effects. It is therefore being called the Pet Drug of the American youth. And by peer pressure it is spreading to the young of many countries.

Adderall Abuse Prevention

The Functioning Of The Drug

Adderall is a combination of two CNS (Central Nervous System) Stimulants, Amphitamine and Dextroamphitamine. Adderall application results in the release of Dopamine, which is the Neuro-chemical transmitter that acts as ‘Reward Neuro-chemical’ which produces the Euphoria. Norepinephrine is also produced, releasing Adrenalin, and provoking the ‘Fight or Flight’ reaction when in danger. Excessive use of the drug initially seems to increase the feeling of Euphoria and mental alertness. But prolonged use does not increase the attendant sensations proportionately, and in fact these uses report a disappointing flat or even reduction in the desired sensation.

A Danger To The Next Generation

A large number of Adderall-using young Executives, just out of school and college, feel the need of repeatable high performance at their places of work. They thus depend heavily on the promise of Adderall to enhance their performance and improve their career ratings rapidly. A similar help is demanded when in recreational mode, and hence the reputation of this drug as a ‘Party Drug’. This creates a false sense confidence on the drug.

Helping Hand

The addiction due to over use of Adderall and its slow release cousin Adderall XR is treated at Granite Mountain with excellent success. Granite Mountain tackles addiction due to Adderall Euphoria with the latest technological and psychosomatic techniques, but also the basic human quality of love and compassion are not neglected. This makes Granite Mountain special.