Is tooth loosening considered a dental emergency in adulthood?

Is tooth loosening considered a dental emergency in adulthood?

While loose teeth are normal in children, their loosening in adulthood is a cause for concern and definitely needs emergency dental care. It is better to set an emergency appointment with your dentist before a tooth loss. The tooth loosening happens when they lose their support and slowly separate from the gums and bones. Your tooth may move in its place by the slightest touch, or eating and chewing may worsen the problem and lead to emergency dental cases. Other symptoms may accompany tooth loss during life and adulthood. These symptoms include the following:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Red gums
  • Gums’ degeneration

These symptoms can indicate a severe emergency dental case. Therefore, it is essential to consult a dentist, since finding the reason can help your dentist determine the right treatment.

Causes of loose teeth in adults

 Loose teeth do not occur in adulthood for no reason. You may notice that they are loose while brushing and flossing. Your dentist may also notice loose teeth during periodic checkups. In some cases, loose teeth are caused by progressed gum disease. This happens when a bacterial infection attacks the gums and surrounding bones. Gum disease normally occurs due to poor oral hygiene.

 If you notice it too soon, you can eliminate the infection, stop the inflammation, and restore your teeth’ health, but emergency dental cases are on the way if left untreated.

 As gum disease progresses, it causes bone loss. In this case, your teeth will not receive the necessary support and will loosen. The first symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gums and pain.

 Other causes of loose teeth in adults may include:

 Teeth Grinding: Teeth grinding or bruxism will damage your teeth. It also causes other emergency complications such as headaches and facial pain.

 Injuries to the teeth: Injuries to the mouth or face can also cause the teeth to loosen. This may be caused by falling and hitting the mouth.

Treatment of loose teeth in adults

 Treatment for loose teeth begins when the dentist diagnoses the reasons. People with gum disease need a particular method of cleaning the infected area. This will remove hardened plaque that has accumulated under your teeth and gums.

 Your dentist sometimes prescribes antibiotics to help eliminate any infection. Scaling removes the bacteria and helps the gums reattach the teeth. Depending on your gum disease’s severity, you may also need emergency surgery before a complete tooth loss.

 Treatment options include:

 Gingival flap surgery: Your dentist makes an incision in the gums to be separated from surrounding teeth and deflected back to allow the dentist access to the jawbone and the tooth’s root.

Bone grafting: When the bone has been lost due to infection, your dentist can use the bone grafting method to repair your mouth’s jawbone. This will help support your teeth.

Use a denture to prevent teeth grinding: You can use a denture while you sleep. It plays the role of a protective object between the upper and lower teeth.