Learning About Various Complications Occurs to an Individual Due to Sleep Apnea

Learning About Various Complications Occurs to an Individual Due to Sleep Apnea

The sleep apnea condition occurs with people having allergic rhinitis. This condition happens when the air breathed by an individual cause irritation or allergies to him/her at some point. This inflames or blocks the nasal passages. The one with hay fever can easily get effected with sleep apnea. So, check for the treatments in hay fever hong kong treatment centers and get the allergies as well as sleep apnea quickly to avoid any kind of complications.

What are the complications occur when you have sleep apnea? 

Having sleep apnea which is a sleeping disorder that can stop your breathing along with hay fever is dangerous to your health. You need to get treated soon at hong kong sleep apnea center as you might face some complications like –

Heart issues or high blood pressure:

When you feel sudden drop in the oxygen levels in the blood during sleep apnea, it can rise your blood pressure high. It can also strain your system of cardiovascular which means you get heart problems. When you have obstructive sleep apnea then you can enhance your high blood pressure risk.

This also increases your heart attack risk and leads to heartbeats which are not normal. Having low blood oxygen along with a heart disease can also lead to sudden death.

Metabolic syndrome:

This syndrome occurs when you have abnormal levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and enhanced circumference of waist. This is joined to the higher risk for the cause of heart issue.

Diabetes type 2:

When you have sleep apnea, then you have more possibility to increase your risk to develop resistance to insulin and you can get type 2 diabetes which is harmful to your health.


Problems with surgery and medication:

When you have obstructive sleep apnea, you should be concerned with anaesthesia and particular medications. The individuals with the sleep apnea may possess complication after undergoing the surgery. As they are vulnerable to the problems of breathing. Inform your doctor regarding your sleep and get treated according to your situation.

Sleep deprivation partners:

Snoring loudly can make anyone that sleeps near you a lot of trouble. Those people cant sleep properly because of your snoring. Sleep-deprived partners. In this situation you might have problem and need to shift from one room to another. 

Liver issues:

The individuals with the sleep apnea are more prone to improper outcomes on tests of liver function. Their livers display an occurrence of a disease through scarring. 

Fatigue on daytime:

The people with sleep apnea tends to have repeated awakenings and normal sleep is impossible for them. It leads to drowsiness, irritability, and fatigue in daytime. It also becomes difficult to focus on performing things or even during driving your vehicle. You always feel depresses or moody or sometimes quick tempered. The kids with this problem perform poor in their academics and faces health issues.

Thus, these are some of the complications faced by an individual with sleep apnea.