Which Is The Best Sativa?

Which Is The Best Sativa?

Once you step into the world of getting high, you will come up with Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. These terms have been dominating the world of getting hyped, energized, and high. These are the popular effects of these types of cannabis strains:

  • sativa strains. It provides upper effects.
  • indica strains. It provides sleepy effects.
  • hybrid strains. It provides happy medium effects.

There are plenty of effects relationships between these cannabis strains. So, if you want to know about the Sativas, it is essential to know the cannabis genetics than generalizing the entire family. Thousands of cannabis strains are present and all are providing different effects. It may be different to pick which Sativa you want to try, especially that you are new to these cannabis strains.

Sativas – Selections of easiest to find

A mixture of Sativa strains is so many all around the world. There are selections of them that are easiest to find, which are known for its THC content. Here are the best Sativas:

  • Jack Herer. The strain produced a wicked mix of spicy and piney notes. It is named after the author and a renowned cannabis activist. Consumers experience a cerebral energy rush when they smoke it, which is perfect for daytime activities. It is the best when speaking of an energy-boosting product. The strain is a popular ingredient for creating a few cannabis strains.
  • Durban Poison. The strain is a pure Sativa landrace from South Africa. It has been a favorite because of the very sticky buds providing sweet, ammonia-like aroma, it sends a euphoric ride when smoked. Smoke a bit of it and you will be energized and ready for the day. Smoke more, you will probably feel to lay down on the couch all day long. It is a perfect strain to look at Sativas as upper strains. Too much Durban Poison could get you high in an instant, leading you to get a fat nap. Most people use this strain to be more creative with their activities, such as crafting and painting.
  • Green Crack. The strain is believed to be a cross of Afghani landrace, 1989 Super Sativa seed, and a Skunk #1. It gives a dense result, a citrus-flavored bud being loved with its orangey-mango terpenes. The strain is so much beauty in the eyes with good taste buds, its effects make it a champion for the users. It gives a super rush of cerebral effects that creeps in the body. It gives you the feeling of being doomed with 16 ounces of 100% pure Columbian coffee when smoked.
  • Tangie. It is an old school Sativa, a cross of either California Orange blended with a Skunk hybrid or a Tangerine Dream blended with a Skunk hybrid. When you smoke the strain, it produces an orange aroma. Also, it creates a bold citrus flavor. If you smoke too much, it has an effect that is very much similar to Durban Poison. A small bowl of the strain gives you the feeling of focused and uplifted. It gives you a stoned-feeling.

So, for you, which among the strains is the best?