Everything In Detail About Fertility check up Singapore

Everything In Detail About Fertility check up Singapore

Blessing with a child is a dream for many couples out there. Trying to conceive the baby and bringing the new life into the world is what a couple craves. Continuously trying for conceiving the baby and then nurturing the new life for nine months is what a couples need. Maintaining the family cycle and value into the society, a couple must have a baby in their life. As a part of an individual, it is a must to make and present a baby. If couples trying to have a baby but are not fortunate enough to make the goal. In such cases, fertility checks up are needed to exactly found the problem.

Conceiving issue is like a blunder to women, it directly shows the infertility level and not being able to become a mother and bless the family. Experts check the timings and advise to make the goal of having a kid come true. Many people in this world are unfortunate not to have babies. Regular sex increases the chances of fertility without any complications. Testing of sex hormones in both partners determines the problem and provides medications for curing the issue. If still, the problem stays. It creates barriers while making babies, then it is advised to try various artificial ways of reproduction. The popular one is the Test tube or IVF.

Is It Necessary to visit a doctor?

The partners must make a visit to the doctor for the cause. If the couple tries to make babies but still failed to have. Then, in such cases, doctors, prescriptions, and advice are a must to have. Experts might question the age and how often the partners have sex in general without using any protection. They might ask about the lifestyle and diet of the partners. They might further question about:

  • Medical history and current treatment, Surgeries, etc.
  • Medication the individual takes.
  • Whether the individual smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or might take a high concentration of caffeine.
  • How often do the partners have sex?
  • Any previous birth control?
  • Whether the partners have any sexually transmitted disease.
  • Whether the couple had sex with somebody else?
  • Any Miscarriages?
  • Menstrual cycle and hormones
  • Any previous methods for birth control.
  • Any prior treatment for birth control?


Fertility check up Singapore has been proven to be the best. It provides the best medication to couples for making their dream of having a kid come true.