Optometrists – A Comprehensive knowhow

Optometrists – A Comprehensive knowhow

Optometrist are also called as ophthalmic optician. They are primary health care practitioners who examine the eyes to check any vision related problems, eye injuries, diseasesor abnormalities in eyes.

They often deal with general heath problems such as diabetes or blood pressure by making health checkups, prescribe spectacles or contact lens. They refer patients for further treatments when in need.

Optometrists must complete at least three years university education and clinical practice for certain period to be able to develop knowledge and skills. They perform basic eye examination and takes details about case history. They provide services like routine eye checkups, diagnosis, minor eye surgeries, post surgical eye care.

Optometrists are recognized front line eye care practitioners. They play an important role in maintaining overall health by  manifesting early diagnosis.

We should consult an optometrist or an eye doctor regularly for regular or annual checkups for overall well being and health.

Where to find an optometrist near me:

Having internet everywhere makes tasks easier. One can easily find an optometrist near me our locality by giving current location and address and recommended stores may appear to decide. The search engine provides address and contact numbers of optometrists and correct locations with maps. If you prefer particular optometrist in a different place we have to change the address and pin-code accordingly. We have to book an appointment prior incase they insist. After consulting with the optometrist, he prescribes eyesight  power after checking and then we can proceed with buying eye glasses either in online stores or local eye wear stores. Many options are available for selection of different styles of frames trying and selecting them using 3D technology in our homes.

Optometrists usually work in clinics, hospitals, public health centres.

They conduct general eye check up, taking medical history related to eye problems, then examine the eyes for refractive errors and tests for eyesight and prescription of spectacles or contact lens for patients. They help in educating patients about eye exercises that are practiced in order to improve the vision. They provide counselling for patients going for pre and post surgical operations. They give proper information about the contact lens usage, reviewing previous medical records.

They help in diagnosing eyesight like shortsightedness or long sight redness and diseases like glaucoma, performing minor surgeries. Those who are working under paediatric ophthalmologists treats infants and children.

Some may work for ophthalmology specialists, eye care hospitals and some work for research and surveys, community health care providers, teaching institutions.