Things to follow to avoid Herniated disc

Things to follow to avoid Herniated disc

A spine is made of series of bones padded by discs. When this disc gets injured or starts weakening due to aging, this condition can lead to a herniated disc problem. Usually, what exactly happens is that the discs’ outer layer is harder than the inner layer. The outer layer protects the soft inner layer. But in the case, due to some injury, if the outer layer gets teared out, then the inner layer is pushed out of the spinal causing the herniated disc issue. Another main cause of slipped discs is aging as the age increases, the spine support system and the discs get weak. There are many slipped disc treatment Singapore, but if you are still not affected by these issues. And want to avoid this condition then, follow the below-mentioned tips. These tips are based on the neck and lower back as herniated disc happens at this position.

  • Improved posture: Maintain a proper posture while walking, running, sitting, sleeping, or standing. Always keep your head up and your back and spine straight.
  • Regular exercise: Make sure you do regular exercise, which will strengthen your core muscles. Those are found, in your lower back and abdomen. The sad part is the core muscles do not move much in our daily activity. So it becomes very important to strengthen them by exercising. You can reach out to your doctor, who can advise the correct exercises for your core muscles.

  • Learn to lift items properly: Most people when they, have to lift anything heavy. They lift it by bending the waist. In such cases, the whole pressure is on the waist instead of the leg muscles. So keep in mind when you are lifting the weight, bend your knees, and while standing, keep your spine straight, then the pressure will fall on leg muscles.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Overweight will put more pressure on the knees and waist. Which indirectly putting you in the wrong posture.
  • Manage stress: It is easy to say that being away from stress, but in this complicated world, you have to go through some kind of, stress at least once a day. So try to do some stress relief exercise as the stress applies pressure on the spine.
  • Stop smoking: For all smokers, it might be shocking news that their habit of smoking can put pressure on the spine. Yes, that is true by smoking one can suffer from a heavy cough which can put pressure on your spine.
  • Do not wear high-heeled shoes: By wearing high heel shoes, you will not be able to, maintain the back in the straight position. That means that some of the discs in the spine are not in their position.


Hope this information will help you to maintain an active lifestyle without any herniated pain.