What are androgen and testosterone?

What are androgen and testosterone?

Androgens are the male hormones which are helpful in getting the male nature in our human body in the similar way the women possess estrogen compound which helps in balancing and checking the female nature of a human being. Now a days in this fast forward world both men and women are suffering from many major ailments which includes the hormonal imbalances, and also lack of these hormones production this may lead to many other health complications which would not be not be solved going forward so initially we need to solve these kinds of imbalances by consulting the doctor and seek the permission to buy androgel online.

Points to Remember regarding the androgens:

  • These androgens which includes the testosterone are the hormones which gives male characters to men.
  • If there is deficiency in androgen it means that the body is possessing lower levels of male sex hormones, especially testosterone, that which is helps in gaining good health.
  • Many reasons of androgen deficiency may include testes problem, and pituitary gland and also hypothalamus.
  • As we know that deficiency in androgen is treated with the replacement therapy of testosterone.

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  • Androgen deficiency can be when our body possess lesser levels of male sex hormones, especially testosterone, then we might be more prone to the ailments. As this deficiency will cause the problem in the brain which controls the function of testes that is the pituitary gland, hypothalamus. The main treatment for this ailment is replacement therapy.
  • There is no male menopause situation in male as they do not have the monthly process of letting the waste out of the body which helps in purifying the blood in women.

Now a days we are seeing that both men and women are equally facing the hormonal imbalances due to which infertility is being happening and many other complications are being associated, the one and only solution to this problem is to be stress free, reduce the anxiety levels and also do more of physical activity so that the hormones would generate themselves again and recouping the reproductive function. As we all know that the most important sex hormone is testosterone in men. Now we shall see the functioning of testosterone on male body of human. Testosterone helps in following activities:

  • In the process of puberty.
  • In development of bone and muscle.
  • In growth of hair on body
  • Change in vocal Cords.
  • Helps in sperm production.
  • Helps in functioning of prostate gland.