All You Need to Know About Liver Cancer Treatment

All You Need to Know About Liver Cancer Treatment

The liver is the most extensive solid organ and gland present in the human body. The functioning of the liver is so crucial that without its functioning, the digestion and absorption of the food materials are impossible to take place. The liver is used to produce the necessary cholesterol that is responsible for carrying the fats through the body.

Liver cancer is a terminal disease. If not treated within the early stages, it may lead to death. There are various treatments given to the patients after examining the condition and stages of cancer. Some liver cancer treatment in singapore includes surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, etc.

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Although, there are various therapies procured for the patient in their cancer stage. Let’s explore the various treatment therapies briefly.


Radiotherapy is also called radiation therapy. In this therapy, high-energy radiations (X-rays) kill the cancer cells within the organ. This therapy is given in the early stages or the spreading stage of the cancer cells.

Radiotherapy is commonly considered the most effective treatment after surgery. Its effect differs from person to person. These therapies are given within the hospital. You may be allowed to leave the hospital after the external radiotherapy, or the stay could be for a few days if you have implants or radioisotope therapy.

Their adverse effects can cover the loss of hair, soreness, red skin, feeling sick, sore mouth, and even diarrhea. Most of them ultimately stop after taking the liver cancer treatment in Singapore.



Chemotherapy is the process of killing cancer cells with the help of certain drugs. It’s another cancer treatment procedure used to reduce cancer reproducing cells, which prevents the further growth of the cells in the liver.

Apart from treating cancer, it can also aid in some complications like damaging the blood cells, skin cells, and other healthy cells in your body. Some other unpleasant complexities include feelings of drowsiness, hair loss, sore mouth, and diarrhea.

Hormone therapy 

Hormones like estrogen and progesterone are naturally found in the human body. It can significantly boost the stimulation of cancer cells. They have also termed hormone receptor-positive cancers. Hormone therapy alleviates the estrogen and progesterone level in the body or stops their effects. This therapy is provided after surgery or chemotherapy. If your cancer cells are inconsiderate to hormones, this will have no complications.