Jaw Reduction with the Help of Botox for a More Attractive Face Shape

Jaw Reduction with the Help of Botox for a More Attractive Face Shape

Strong and square jawlines are for men, but not so much among women. Women like a more feminine shape, which is primarily broad, narrow, and V-shaped. But achieving this kind of face contour can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the different types of procedures. Some people think that the only way to get a youthful and more feminine jaw shape is by going under the knife. However, there’s a non-invasive way, such as botox for jaw reduction. One of the clinics that provide this type of treatment is Radium Medical Aesthetics, and they give The best botox jaw reduction treatment in Singapore.

 Understanding What Botox for Jaw Reduction is All About

Botox for jaw reduction is a non-surgical procedure, which uses an injectable called Botox or Botulin toxin. It’s injected into the jaw to weaken the masseter and jaw muscles. Most of the patients who get botox for facial reconstruction are females because the goal is to have a more feminine face shape instead of a square and masculine appearance. It provides a more youthful and appealing look, which women love. And since it’s non-surgical, you don’t have to worry about how long it will heal since it will do its magic within. You instantly get the look you want without the lengthy healing process.

The best botox jaw reduction treatment in Singapore.

Another factor that made this procedure famous is that these are more affordable. It’s a cost-effective way to achieve the facial contour you want. It offers aesthetically pleasing results without going under the knife. So it’s no surprise that many Asian women are getting this non-invasive procedure all the time to maintain their looks.

How it Works

The Botox injection will be injected into the masseter muscle, which causes it to weaken and shrink. That’s how it can change the physical mass of the muscle and make it less prominent. So you have a smaller jaw appearance, which you will fall in love with. The results can last up to six months since the botox will fade. So you’ll have to visit your aesthetician every few months for your sessions. It’s better than getting surgery since it’s cost-effective, and you can always stop if you don’t like how it looks anymore.

If you want to achieve a smaller jaw, go to Radium Medical Aesthetics. They will give you the look you desire for a reasonable price. The procedure only takes a few minutes, and you only need two sessions with eight weeks in between to see the best results. After that, you can come back after six months to renew it.