The Expectations After Wisdom Teeth Removal

The Expectations After Wisdom Teeth Removal

In general speaking, the eruption of your back molars, known as wisdom teeth, may cause several dental issues for you and put your overall oral health at risk. Since these teeth are the last permanent teeth to emerge, so lack of enough space in your gum interferes with their correct eruption and leads to various dental issues. A professional dentist performing wisdom tooth extraction in Vaughan says, “Most often, wisdom teeth result in crowding and misalignment due to their impact because they are still trying to break through the gum line.” Knowledgeable and sophisticated dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth to avoid these harmful consequences. Wisdom teeth extractions are commonly performed worldwide, and recovery time will take approximately two weeks. If you are curious about the positive results of wisdom teeth removal, keep reading this article carefully.

The Process of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

In most simple cases, your general dentists will remove your wisdom teeth without difficulty. On the other hand, the extracting process requires dental surgery in more severe cases where your wisdom teeth are impacted. You will not feel any pain or discomfort because your professional oral surgeon will use local anesthesia to numb the site. As soon as you regain your feeling, that’s a good idea to apply an ice pack over the outside of your cheek to relieve possible pain and swelling. Your oral surgeons will provide you with useful instructions on when and how to take over-the-counter medication.

When you are ready to wake up, you can leave the office, and it is better than someone else drive you home, especially when you undergo general anesthesia. You can eat soft food on the day of the surgery, but you should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Besides, drinking with a straw should be avoided because it can increase your bleeding and further complex dental issues.

Recovery Time

In most cases, people fully recover in three or four days, while in severe cases where your teeth are impacted, it will take a week or more to recover. But it should be noted that the wound left after surgery will take several months to be completely healed.

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The day after the surgery, you can come back to your routine life, but you should avoid any activities that have the potential to dislodge stitches. Some of these activities include smoking, spitting, and strenuous exercise. However, minor swelling and bleeding are expected; you should remember to call your dentists as soon as you experience severe pain and excessive bleeding.

There are some other symptoms that are considered a sign of infections or nerve damage. These symptoms include fever, swelling that gets worse after two or three days, trouble when swallowing or breathing, numbness, and nonstop bleeding. 

Essential Tips about Home Care

You can take a significant step to avoid infection and complications by caring for your mouth properly at home. Your dentists or oral surgeons take pride in providing practical instructions to teach you how to clean your mouth after the surgery.

Common Cleaning Tips after Wisdom Teeth Extractions

-Rinsing the wound with saltwater

-Apply clean gauze over the extracted site to avoid bleeding

-Avoid extremely hot food

-Take a rest and avoid heavy exercise at least 24 hours after the surgery