Yoga Training At The Lab Studios

Yoga Training At The Lab Studios

Lab studios was founded in 2016 by Jasmine Chong and Betty Kong. This studio offers fitness training in the Yoga lab, Barre lab, Flow lab, and Lab on demand. Here at lab studio, you get a unique approach to fitness and wellness. Each lab focus on the appropriate muscle groups to achieve good results. Join lab studio if you are looking for yoga training classes.

How it came to be

This lab makes yoga accessible to everyone. The students are taught to challenge themselves and push their limits in the yoga training classes. It offers various classes for people on different levels from beginner to advanced. The studio uses Baptiste methodology due to being affiliated with Baptiste Power Yoga.

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Types of yoga classes it offers

  1. Basic Yoga class- In this class, the focus is on going back to the basics. It is both for the beginner and a well-versed person, who wants to improve their fundamental techniques. Here, the trainers break down posters and emphasize form and alignments.
  2. Essentials Yoga class- This yoga class focuses on form and alignment. It is perfect when you want to condition your body, move in unison with your breath and encourage resilience. It is good for discipline and mental focus. This class helps beginners take their training to next level.
  3. Yoga playground class- This class uses various sequences. The students learn asanas and their transitions here. The pace is steady so you can learn new poses and transitions.
  4. Dynamic flow class- This class offers medium to high-range yoga training. Here internal heat is built up and the body is strengthened along with the balance of the mind. Here you also get the option of arm balance and inversions.
  5. Yoga sweat class- This medium to high-intensity class targets the physical strength of the entire body. This class challenges its students with flow, drill, and strength training. Its specialty is increasing physical and mental strength. The internal heat that is generated is also good for detoxifying your body.
  6. Yin class- This class nurtures your mind and restores your body to a state of bliss. Its best for the cyclists and runners who are looking to release the tension in their bodies.
  7. Baptiste power vinyasa class- It focuses on asanas and meditation and is designed for a person with any physical ability. This yoga sculpts and tones the muscles as well as detoxifies. Classes contain 53 asanas in 11 series with varying intervals of time.
  8. Prenatal class- As the name suggests, this yoga class is for pregnant women. It helps them relax and prepare their bodies to give birth.