Book a Whole Body Cryotherapy session for maximum health benefits

Book a Whole Body Cryotherapy session for maximum health benefits

Whole Body Cryotherapy – an introduction

The word ‘Cryotherapy’ is taken from two Greek words that mean “cold” and “cure”. So, in simplest terms, Cryotherapy is all about using the healing properties of cold to cure and recover certain physical conditions. The procedure was popular in the Asian and European countries but has recently gained popularity in the US. The leading Cryotherapy clinics in New York offer a range of health and beauty services through trained professionals. The sportsperson and athletes vouch for the effectiveness of Cryotherapy in treating pain and inflammation from sports activities and complete recovery after a few sessions. Many prominent sportsperson and celebrities from different fields have tried Cryotherapy and have very positive reviews on the same. One of the many services that Cryotherapy includes is the Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) for complete rejuvenation of body and mind. To know more about the process and book an appointment, please visit You will get detailed information about the WBC treatment and also get to know about the other services the advanced cryotherapy clinics offer.

Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Treating pain and inflammation with ice is an ancient method and cryotherapy uses the same concept by chilling the top layer of the skin for a brief period that brings relief to the whole body. Inside the cryo-sauna chamber, gasiform nitrogen is used to bring the temperature as low as -274F. The temperature of the top layer of the skin reduces rapidly but the whole body temperature varies slightly. The therapy continues for approximately three minutes and a trained attendant is there to monitor everything. If you feel uncomfortable with the process you can discontinue the same at any point of time. Unlike an uncomfortable ice bath, the WBC process is absolutely relaxing and you will feel no stiffness or dumbness of muscles just after the process ends. You will feel charged up instantly as the chilling temperatures heal your body from within. The cryotherapy sessions are really fast and cause no pain or side-effects to your body. Also, you can see instant results and feel rejuvenated instantly. There are many advantages of cryotherapy such as:

  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Fastens recovery and healing from injuries
  • Improves stamina and performance
  • Increases blood circulation and muscle/joint functions
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves quality of skin and nails
  • Increases metabolism and helps in weight loss

Overall health benefits within your budget

A single cryotherapy session may cost you approximately $50 and there are discounted rates for multiple sessions. As you can see, the rates are absolutely affordable that can be borne by any one. So, schedule an appointment today by visiting the site  and reap the benefits of cryotherapy.  Experience an overall transformation in your body and mind with the top-quality services provided by the professional therapists. So, stop wasting money on pricey therapies and treatments and go ahead in life with a healthier body and mind. Trust the best clinics providing top quality WBC treatments for improved health, beauty and wellness.