Prevention at first and then get treated and cured form hemorrhoids

Prevention at first and then get treated and cured form hemorrhoids

We live in an era where all sort of diseases and disorders affect human lives in some way or the other. The days have made an individual take care of health in many aspects. It also made one is conscious about the food we eat and the routine we have which effects our daily lives. Any disorder has to be cured immediately when once noticed. They should not be neglected under any circumstances. The disease can go the extent of affecting our lives in a great way. Therefore one needs to be under the supervision of a physician in case of any combating diseases. The discomfort one gets when there is itching at the part of the body that can’t be open is very much disgusting. That zone of the body which is sensitive and private is prone to several circumstances where the consequences are very painful. Piles are one such problem that is has to be combated with proper medication when one encounters it.  The reason for getting hemorrhoids is pregnancy, ageing, Diarrhea, chronic constipation, sitting for long periods, obesity and at last it can happen because of genetics also. The symptoms are painless bleeding, lumps, itching, rashes at that part of the skin, swelling and tremendous discomfort. There are two types of piles. They are:-

The diagnosis is very crucial depending upon the type of piles. Topical creams and Ointments shall be used. The part of the body shall be kept under highly hygienic condition by wearing proper panties and keep the organs constantly washed with hot water. Analgesics like aspirin must be used under extreme pain. Medicines can cure it which depends upon the severity and the extent of the disease. The prevention of these piles is the best option instead of thinking about the cure when suffering from it.

Prevention is absolutely better than cure

Prevention is absolutely better than cure and this is no different when it comes to following this statement. Eat plenty of food that is rich in fiber and also take more water which helps you balancing the temperature of the body. Always try to keep to body weight down and do the necessary physical activity that helps you being fit. Do not refrain from going to toilet whenever there is a need. Get the best treatment when one is prone to it and make the best attempts to keep your body away from such infections. Always be on the note being aware of all the possible things that can happen with pile problems and also make sure to have proper medication.

Prevention-Drink lots of water; exercise regularly; do not force bowel movement; do not postpone bowel movement; diet changes-avoid spicy food, alcoholic beverages; avoid coffee and aerated drinks; avoid refined flour; Loading on fiber rich food like spinach. Peas, beans, raisins, prunes, nuts, apples, oranges, papaya, apple cider vinegar, oats; exercising regularly and using stool softeners for free bowel movement. Following all these habits will keep you away from this embarrassing health condition. Grab more knowhow.