Home remedies to tighten loose vagina

Home remedies to tighten loose  vagina

There are a lot of reasons for vaginal loosening, and it is a very common problem among women. Some women find it an extremely embarrassing situation to talk about or find ways to solve it. It’s very common, and there’s nothing to feel ashamedof. Vaginal looseningis mostly caused by childbirth. Other factors may include obesity, aging, surgeries or an active lifestyle. Women suffer mentally more than just physically. It affects their social as well as their personal lives.Whereas some women ignore this problem completely, it is very important to look into this issue and look for ways to restore loosened muscles.It leads to sexual problems as well as other health issues over a period and hence one needs to pay attention at the earliest to this health issue.

There are a lot of home remedies and ways that can help tighten your vagina. These are some effective remedies that are tested by people over a period and got encouraging results. They are free from any sort of side effects and hence those who want to keep a distance from medicines this is a very useful option. As far as results of these remedies are concerned some gets quick results while some may take time as it depends on the response of the body to the remedy.

Home remedies to tighten loose vagina

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential for proper functioning of our organs. It is also a great healer and can strengthen the vaginal muscles thereby tightening them. There are capsules as well as lotions available that can be used as a remedy.


Wash your hands properly with an antiseptic soap. Wipe them with a clean, dry towel. Now take a vitamin E capsule and while lying down insert it into the vagina as high as you can. The pH of the vagina will absorb the oil on its own. Do this once a day for a few weeks to see effective results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not only a great soother it also has excellent regenerative properties. Aloe Vera can help strengthen the muscles and tighten them naturally. It’s a very safe home remedy and has no side effects.


Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and cut it to reveal the gel. Now extract this gel out and empty it in a container. Now apply this gel to the external and the internal part of your vagina. Repeat this method daily to see results.

Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is an excellent remedy to tighten vaginal muscles. It has excellent antioxidant properties that work wonderfully if used regularly.


Boil ten gooseberries in some water and extract the pulp. Let it cool down and store it in a bottle. Now before you go for a bath, apply this solution to the vaginal area. Leave it on for a few minutes. Wash it away after sometime. Do this daily to see good results.

Oak Apple

Oak Apple contains phytoestrogens that soothe and helps strengthen the vaginal muscles.


Take an oak apple mash it and apply it directly to your vaginal area. Apply this paste everyday to see wonderful results.

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