How to Increase Breast Size Naturally?

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally?

For a woman, the breast is also an important part which makes her feel feminism. From the health as well as beauty points of view, the breasts of a woman must also be a size that can offer a different look at her. A lot of women feel that their breasts are not developed properly and according to their age. A female should know that the size of breasts depends on her genetics, lifestyle, and weight. There are a lot of surgeries done by experts to increase the breast size, but that can be done naturally too. There are limited numbers of methods to increase the size of the bust. Some processed meds are also available which claim how to increase the breast size, but people haven’t found them effective. The key factor which can tone the breasts is exercise. There are several exercises mentioned here which a female can do for increasing breast size.

Arm Circles

One needs to be in the spacious area to perform this exercise. A female should stretch out her arms (1) on both her side that both arms reach shoulder level. Then she has to circle her both arms backward for some minutes similarly both the arms have to be circled in the forward direction for few minutes. After one completes circling, she has to lift both her arms up and down for a minute or two. Adding small weights to this exercise is a bit more beneficial. This exercise can prove helpful to increase the breast size over a period of a few weeks. One can continue the same still she is not happy with the result.

Prayer Pose

One needs to point her arms straight from the chest and join palms for 30 seconds. Then after the elbows shall be bent at 90 degrees and the palms shall be pressed towards each other for 10 seconds in a prayer pose. This has to be done 15 times for best results. It is also an important method proven for the increase in breast size (2).

Extended Chest Press

This exercise requires a set of dumbbells, each dumbbell shall be held in either hand, and the hands shall be kept at shoulder level with both elbows bent. Then after one has to lift the arms up and make them straight, it is to be noted that one arm has to be lifted at a time. After the hand is raised fully, it shall be brought back to the original position slowly, and wrists shall be lowered down very slowly. 3 sets of this exercise (3) are recommended with each set containing up to and down movement 12 times.


Pushups for increasing breast size in females are modified and different from what males do. One has to lie down on the ground on the belly surface and position her palms outside the torso. Slowly the body has to be lifted until the arms become straight, but there should be a bit bent at the elbows. Once the arms are completely straight, one should lower herself with resistance while positioning elbows at sides. Three sets each of 12 upward and downward movements are recommended by ehomeremedieshub.