How to take care of a pregnant cancer patient

How to take care of a pregnant cancer patient

In terms of figures 1 out of 10,000 women   have cancer which does complicate the process of child birth. This trend is going to increase as the women tend to delay the process of childbirth during the later years. Oncology pregnancy medicine, poses a significant challenge to both the mother and proper treatment procedures cannot be formulated as well.

Cancer patients who are being treated need to be given special attention. For example, if a cancer patient is pregnant, then any treatment decision should be based on the welfare of the patient along with the baby. Deep in the mind there is an obligation to do well for the foetus and the mother.

It is important to ask a cancer patient on when was the date of their last menstrual period. This is before any session of chemotherapy or radiation is being performed. This works out to be a great moment so that the patient is educated about contraception during cancer treatment. If pregnancy is assumed to be suspected and one is not sure, then it is suggested to opt for a serum pregnancy test. When it is a normal pregnancy the level of HCG tends to be on a rise by 66 % in every 48 hours and this is at the starting stage of implantation. Special care needs to be taken during the starting stages of pregnancy as well.

The view point of the patient should be taken into account pertaining for her desires relating to pregnancy. If she does not have a clear cut idea then some form of counselling or she may be directed to a gynaecologist for further course of consultation. They can guide the patient on the course of cancer treatment and any form of questions or concerns which the patient may have about the same. In fact some of the patients are clear in their mind on why they want to do this, whereas for the others it is difficult and a lot of information is needed as well.

In the stage of pregnancy, cervical cancer happens to be most common cause of cancer. Any form of treatment on the patient should be evolved taking into consideration the potential benefits along with risks of each type of cancer treatment. You would need to respect, the decision of the patient along with the moral obligation of the physician as well.

Like with any form of cancer treatment, early detection and treatment is the best course of action. Immunology in pregnancy medicine has added a new dimension to the form of cancer treatment as well. It is taking into account which is the stage of your cancer, the patients need to have a more aggressive course of treatment, and one thing is for sure the biological behaviour during the stages of cancer has no sort of influence when you are pregnant as well. The outcomes tend to be similar when you compare pregnant women with a non-pregnant woman.