Know about the HCG diet plan completely

Know about the HCG diet plan completely

Before finding about the HCG diet plan, first we have to know about what is meant by Hcg diet, because only after finding what does it actually means, we are able to find the perfect way to use it. Let us discuss what is meant by this diet plan and some HCG diet plans worth for the people who are really searching for the diet plan to lose weight in fast manner.

HCG supplements

HCG or Human chorionic Gonadotrophin is generally hormone which is produced during the time of pregnancy in order to help the baby to grow. When this has been used for many purposes in medical community for more than many decades, this has recently become main focus of HCG fad diet which uses the HCG drops, pills, shots in order to suppress the appetite and cause weight loss. Let us discuss few things about the HCG diet plan.

HCG diet plan probably help you in losing weight, but there is catch: While you start following the HCG diet plan, first question you will raise is that what are the things you can eat on the HCG diet? The expert says that under this diet plan, the person is supposed to eat only 500 calories per day. And these 500 calories will be limited only to specific kind of animal protein, and certain fruits, vegetables, and grains. Among these many things, one noticeable thing which you cannot eat on the HCG diet is oils, even the healthy cooking oil to be ignored.

None of HCG supplements are actually have HCG hormone: Even if HCG diet or HCG hormone did work mainly to suppress the appetite, true kind of HCG requires the doctor as well as the prescription in order to dispense. In fact the organization for health also states that HCG is not at all approved for the OTC sales for any of the purpose and at the same time states that HCG products are illegal.

What is more, use the HCG supplements: Actually, the HCG supplements are available in many forms, such as: in the form of drops, shots, pills, supplements. And buying these kinds of supplements are also common, because buying these HCG supplements are easily available in the above link. This is mainly because, the supplements are available in the link and they are commonly used by most of the people. So anyone can access to this site and with proper guide they can buy the supplement for their purpose.

Using HCG diet plan cause serious side effects: Improper use of the diet pills and the diet plan will cause serious side effects include fatigue, more irritability, and even cause headaches. This is mainly due to the severe calorie restrictions can set up for gallstones, the irregular form of heartbeat, or this even imbalance the electrolyte which keep the muscles of body and nerves as functioning properly. So make use of the diet plan and enjoy weight loss greater way.