Things we should eat to keep our bones healthy

Things we should eat to keep our bones healthy

Bones as we know are the basic units of our skeletal system which is the major and only source of support and strength for the human body. While bones are generally really hard and strong and are composed of minerals like iron and calcium, they tend to get weak over time due to a lot of factors like stress or undernourishment or even over use. When you are born, human beings have around two hundred and seventy bones, and as you grow up, the smaller bones fuse together and the total number comes down to two hundred and six. It is extremely necessary for everyone to take good care of our orthopedic health.

Good diet is an undeniable factor that determines good orthopedic health, but often we tend to ignore our bones until it’s too late. We often find the list of best orthopedic hospitals in India on the internet almost all of which offer the best bone health advice during consultation. With our very busy schedules we often tend to overlook our skeletal system by depriving it of the essential minerals and nutrients it needs, which consequently increases our need for orthopedic surgery or treatment of some kind.

So listed below are a number of nutritious food, both common and uncommon, which would ensure that our bones stay in proper condition and we can prevent various bone conditions like osteoporosis, fractures, cracks in bones, etc.

  • Protein: Contrary to popular beliefs, protein is not only important for muscle growth, but is also the main constituent of bones. Hence food with high protein content not only helps you to rebuild and repair worn out cells, but also strengthen our bones and muscles. A protein centric diet is even more useful for a patient who has had a orthopedic surgery, since protein rich food not only increases bone mass and density but also is a major deciding factor for prevention of any post surgical infections. While most vegetarians and vegans sadly believe that the only great sources of protein are meat, fish, eggs, seafood and other kinds of poultry, but in reality plant protein such as soya beans, chia seeds, artichokes etc are a great alternative source.

  • After most orthopedic surgery in India, doctors recommend their patients to increase the intake of calcium as well. Calcium is the most popular nutrient when it comes to bone health and therefore it helps in strengthening and faster recovery of bones after a surgery or fracture. While the most common and important source of calcium remains dairy products, but some dark colored leafy vegetables like spinach are also great sources of calcium, which are not only easily available but are rather affordable too.
  • The antioxidant property in vitamin C is also a very important component of post orthopedic surgery diet, as this essential mineral ensures fast and proper healing by strengthening the body’s immune system, as well as preventing the possibility of any post surgical infection.

With these few pointers in mind, all patients and care givers must construct a healthy and wholesome diet which would ensure fast recovery and very thin chances of future complications.