Dental Crowns – An Effective Way to Retain your Smile

Dental Crowns – An Effective Way to Retain your Smile

Whenever you smile looking at the mirror, does your reflection disappoint you? Do you want to get that perfect smile like the rest of the world? If you are too bothered by the appearance of the setting of your teeth, and it is affecting your confidence level, then it is high time you get it rectified. Whatever be the problem you should visit a cosmetic dentistry clinic right away to get it rectified. This will help you boost your self-confidence, especially with their high-end service.

Why crowns are necessary

With age, it is very common for the teeth to break. This is where dental crowns can come to your rescue in extending the life of your teeth and help you retain that natural smile. Also, if your tooth has a big cavity even that can chip, crack or break it with time. Crowns have an aesthetic benefit of helping you achieve that perfect smile by hiding the cracks, chip or discolored filling. If taken proper care, crowns can last from 5 to 15 years or in some cases even longer. To know more about dental crowns, visit any of the reputed clinics that deal in dental crowns in lake Lake Jackson,TX. All Smiles is one such brand that you can trust. If you visit their website, you can gather more information and even take an appointment with their specialists.

Crowns and their types

Dental crowns have their existence since the old days, but then gold and silver were the only available options. However, today dental crowns are available in different styles and materials. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ceramic crowns – Ceramic crowns are considered ideal for restoring your front teeth as they can be matched with your existing teeth and give you an aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • Cerec ceramic crowns – Cerec with the help of Computer Aided Design creates the crown in just a single visit. With the help of this digital mapping technology, your new tooth can be milled out of a solid ceramic block in the clinic and fitted to your existing tooth.
  • Porcelain crowns – Porcelain crowns are made of porcelain as the name suggests and is fused to metal. These crowns are highly durable and gained popularity as they resemble the natural translucence of teeth and helps in creating a seamless smile.
  • Gold or silver alloys – Gold and silver alloy crowns are known to create a strong bond between the crown and the tooth and is considered ideal for molars. Since they don’t, you will find them lasting for long compared to the other types of crowns.

At All Smiles

If you are planning to visit any of the trusted dental clinics, then you can consider taking an appointment with All Smiles that deal in dental crowns in lake Lake Jackson, TX. They have friendly doctors who have years of experience in placing dental crowns. Depending on your oral needs they can guide you the best type suitable for you. With their range of advanced technology and high-quality service, their professional team will surely win your heart.