Fat Browning: How CBD Oil Can Help You Lose Weight

Fat Browning: How CBD Oil Can Help You Lose Weight

The health and weight loss industry is, without a doubt, one of the most lucrative niches right now. People are obsessed with fighting obesity, losing weight, and achieving their “perfect” body. Ergo, more and more supplements, meal shakes, and diet pills have become widely commercially available. One of the more recent revelations that have come to light concerns cbd oil and its apparent ability to fight fat.

CBD Administration on Immature Fat Cells

By administering cannabidiol (CBD) to preadipocytes (also known as immature fat cells), Korean researchers were able to study the immediate effects of CBD and cbd oil on human fat cells. This further led to exploring CBD as a potential novel treatment for clinical obesity. This study revealed three interesting results:

  1. CBD can increase the number of mitochondria in the body, thus increasing the body’s ability to rapidly burn calories
  2. CBD is evidently able to stimulate specific proteins that promote the oxidation and complete breakdown of fat
  3. CBD can also inhibit the production and expression of specific proteins involved in fat cell generation (lipogenesis)

The third result garnered further research, and was eventually connected to a truly unique process referred to as “Fat Browning.”

Fat Browning = Fat Burning

The name alone is actually very indicative of the actual process. Fat adipose tissue, normally colored white, turns brown. And while this all sounds very elementary, the colors are actually important. They indicate the fat tissue’s function.

White-colored adipose tissue (WAT for short) simply stores energy. In other words, it sits in your body and waits to be used. On the other hand, brown-colored adipose tissues (BAT) are the ones that actually burn the white-colored fat tissue. Ergo, the more brown-colored fat tissues you have, the better equipped your body is for getting rid of additional, harmful fat.

CBD Oil Can Help You Lose Weight

If the white-colored adipose tissues outnumber the brown-colored tissues, your body has a lot of excess stored fat that won’t burn unless acted upon. According to the research mentioned earlier, when CBD is introduced to the system, it triggers the necessary process that changes white-colored tissues to brown or beige.

Ergo, CBD-induced Fat Browning is essentially a process that turns static, excess fat into fat that burns.

CBD Oil Benefits: Weight Loss

Losing weight is more than just a vanity project. It is scientifically proven that being clinically overweight leads to obesity, and obesity is now considered a major health condition that will—if left untreated—lead to early death. It also leads to a myriad of further health complications, such as high blood pressure, diabetes,and heart complications.

As everyone is well aware, the best way to combat obesity is to eat a balanced diet and to stay as active as possible. However, discovering the relationship between CBD and Fat Browning means more options for people who may find it difficult to lose weight. For instance, people with special diet needs, specific health conditions, and physical limitations stand to benefit greatly from taking CBD oil.