Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

When we look in the mirror every morning, what is the first thing that we see? Usually, we notice the sleep in our eyes and the crust on our faces, then we smile and what do we usually see? Teeth! Teeth can serve as the ultimate sign of good hygiene and in some cases be a reminder of our past struggles in life.

Whatever that struggle is it can become an insecurity in the form of a cracked tooth. Or just being that person that was born with crooked teeth naturally. Other insecurities could include having braces put in your mouth for the first time at age 13. Cosmetic dentistry is a good opportunity for people to fix those common insecurities as it pertains to their teeth. This article will discuss various types of cosmetic dentistry.

Inlays and Olay

This type of dentistry is commonly known as direct fillings. If a tooth is damaged due to tooth decay a direct filling is placed on the spot where the tooth is damaged in order to restore the tooth. Before even placing the filling on the tooth the dentist will have to remove the decay covering the tooth and clean the infected area. This kind of cosmetic dentistry is used to strengthen the teeth.

Dental Veneers

A custom-made thin material that resembles a tooth that is placed over a tooth to improve the appearance of a person’s teeth. Veneers are beneficial in areas where teeth appear oddly shaped or there are gaps in between the teeth and the gums.

Teeth Whitening

This is by far the simplest cosmetic procedure a person can have. The dentist goes into a patient’s mouth and finds the hard to remove spots on the teeth and removes them. In the process, the dentist will effectively clean the teeth making them whiter than before.

Dental Crown

The dental crown is used initially to place a cap over missing or badly damaged teeth. A crown can also be placed over a tooth implant. A crown essentially strengthens a damaged tooth.

Tooth Alignment

Orthodontics specializes in this kind of procedure but a tooth alignment is done to straighten crooked teeth. This procedure also aligns teeth correctly to stimulate oral health.


This type of cosmetic dentistry deals with fixing broken or chipped teeth. Teeth that have any form of discoloration can be fixed as well. Dentists will generally apply a special filling that is colour exactly like a tooth. Afterward, a surgeon will then use a laser to harden the area where the colour extract was placed.

After looking at these different types of cosmetic dentistry, it is still very important to love yourself regardless of what deficiencies you have. And in loving yourself, others will see that love in your smiles, because by our smiles in good and sad times are we our judged.