Healthy Skin and Intimate Cosmetic Procedures: It’s All Within Your Reach

Healthy Skin and Intimate Cosmetic Procedures: It’s All Within Your Reach

Academy Laser Clinics in Australia offers different cosmetic medical procedures for women and men looking to improve themselves in some way. Some of the treatments offered byAcademy Laser Clinics include acne scar treatments, skin rejuvenation laser, double chin reduction, lip/cheek filler procedure, erectile dysfunction cures, hair loss and more.

Academy Laser Clinics are also specialists in intimate treatments for women. Vaginal atrophy is treated with the Mona Lisa Touch procedure. It is a natural treatment for dry vagina problems, vulva pain, thin/fragile skin in this area or mild bladder incontinence problems. No matter what problems you are suffering from in regards to your vagina, the team at Academy Laser Clinics can help solve it and give you that confidence back.

The treatment itself is laser based and takes just 10 minutes to do. The results are permanent, but more than one treatment might be necessary to get the best possible outcome. Academy Laser Clinics is a company that has been built a strong reputation after years of operation, with satisfied customers all over Australia. Academy Laser Clinics boasts a highly skilled and experience team of doctors, nurses and dermal therapists, led by Dr. Jayson Oates.

If there is something about your body that you are unhappy with and you can afford to make a change, why not do it? No matter what type treatment you require, contact Academy Laser Clinics and take the first steps in regaining control of your body and your confidence.

A clinic aimed solely at men, CALIBRE offers natural methods to common issues that many men suffer from, but fewer talk about. If you have erectile dysfunction or you simply want to know how to get a bigger penis, the options at CALIBRE in Australia are extensive. The talented Dr Jayson Oates and his fully qualified team offer a non invasive penis extension treatment.

You might be wondering how this procedure is so different to a traditional penis enlargement operation, so let’s find out. The entire procedure is done with an injection into the penis of dermal fillers, and is over in minutes for maximum results. A 15ml solution can see your penis grow 1 inch in circumference in its flaccid state. There is also a clear increase in girth when the penis is erect, and if larger volumes are used you’ll also notice an increase in the length of your penis when it’s flaccid due to the weight of the fillers used.

The results from this treatment will last around 2 years. The penile injections at CALIBRE are basically just like dermal fillers, the procedure is very safe and complications are very unlikely. It is really easy to get in touch, by phone or email for an initial consultation where your needs and any procedures will fully be discussed with you.

Whether you need a penis enlargement procedure or a treatment for erectile dysfunction, you will be treated with respect throughout the entire process. A bigger penis can make such a difference to your day to day life. The treatment will lead to an increase in the size of your penis and also most likely a positive effect on your confidence. With completely natural methods and no side effects, what have you get to lose?

Academy Face and Body is a high quality clinic with a great reputation, also located in Australia. They offer a variety of treatment methods in order to improve the lives of people around the country who need a boost in a certain area. There are a variety of cosmetic surgeries as well as non surgical procedures offered at Academy Face and Body including facelifts, necklifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, chin implants and more.

There is no doubt that these are all procedures that can change your life and make you look different. The aimof Dr. Jayson Oates is always to aim for natural looking results. Having good skin is something that can give your confidence a significant boost. Amongst the many types of treatment on offer is the hydrafacial. This is basically a type of microdermabrasion which cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the skin.

This treatment can give your skin the care it needs, helping to get rid of fine lines and blemishes. The ingredients in this treatment methods are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We can guarantee that nothing harmful will be put onto your skin and there are no known side effects to this treatment. It is recommended that three sessions are done in order to get the best results possible, although you should start to see results after the first one.

You can get in touch with Academy Face and Body to book an initial consultation for this or any other of the treatments that are available at the clinic. A consultation will allow you to ask any questions and you can also meet your doctor.

Academy Face and Body have now been in business for over 10 years. The clinic was founded by Dr Oates, who continues to be the principal surgeon at the clinic to this day, alongside his very capable colleagues. Stop being self conscious about the way you look, let Academy Face and Body help you be the person you want to be.