Radiation Nukes And Radiation Also Saves Lives

Radiation Nukes And Radiation Also Saves Lives


Radiation and radioactive material have been found to be some of the most volatile and most dangerous substances known to man. If however, we were to discard and rid ourselves of these materials then, there would be a great loss to this world we have ever seen. The utility that these substances provide is immense. Except for the fact that it is capable of mass destruction and crippling many more forever. Having such a grave taboo status attached to it, there is really no way of glorifying the usage of radiation and nuclear materials. Although being so volatile, if we look past the taboo nature and the negative connotations nuclear power and radiation has, we will be able to uncover something very unique, especially in the medical sense. The naysayers will argue again in twofold that radiation in medical treatment causes a lot of irreversible side effects, which are worse than the other form of treatments. But the fact of the matter remains to be seen that the stuff that we call ‘destructive’ and capable of killing millions can shrink the devastating cancerous cells from spreading to your entire body in such cases as prostate cancer and other forms of severe cancers.

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From Bombs To Chemo

Radiation has its effects on something that is very rare and virtually undetectable as prostate cancer and also play a significant role in not getting a relapse from it. Such a cancer in the prostate gland would not present with the usual symptoms that can point towards it, with the exception of the rare symptom of irritation during urination and sometimes disorientation. Since this type of cancer is virtually undetectable until it is too late, it is important to actively monitor and check for the disease even if symptoms do not show. Prostate cancer is treatable at the early stages.

Erectile dysfunction is another symptom of both the disease and its treatment and men often scurry to forums discussing viagra and cialis to understand how to treat their sexual deficiencies. Usually, the cancer occurs for people after the ages of 60 and above and that maybe a good time have a visit to your local oncology specialist. That being said not everyone responds gracefully to radiation treatment and the side effects will begin to surface after they administer it. That is not to say that it does not work. There is no safe drug in the world without some sort of side effect but the niche is to apply it at the right dosage at the right time.


In essence, it is vital to understand the role that radiation and other nuclear substances play in saving lives and not just in ending it.