More and more people feeling spaced out – Who are to blame and how to recover

More and more people feeling spaced out – Who are to blame and how to recover

In the year 2017, 30th July, it was mentioned in an article that the drug-addicted generation of America finds out a brand new reason for addressing their chronic disability to fill up the job positions. This is not being faced due to lack of education or proper knowledge base but this is happening due to the sudden increase in drug abuse in the US. In the words of a layman, Americans who are at their best working age and who still haven’t acquired a college diploma are too drugged-out to obtain the best jobs in the nation.

It was already seen that the use of opioids was on the rise but recently there has been a surge in drug abuse, especially of heroin and fentanyl, the powerful contaminant. Due to the loss of jobs and stagnation of jobs, this has led to a rapid alienation, disassociation and drug abuse. Drug abuse has further led to hopelessness, joblessness and lack of affection.

The opioid crisis and the American generation

All those Americans who lack college diplomas do not always comprise of the main drug-addicted population which is not able to perform their jobs well. As per an article that came out in USATODAY, on 4th August, 2017, there was stated a record high of suicidal rates of female teens and the main reason was cited as substance abuse. The main workforce segment of the US is disabled through drugs. As per reports from the National Survey of Drug Use and Health, more than one-third of the American population use a prescribed opioid in the year 2015.

Who should be blamed for this?

There are too many doctors who are drug pushers and who keep prescribing these drugs to the patients, no matter how much the patients need them. A doctor in New Jersey ran a distribution ring which was responsible for spreading 50,000 milligram oxycodone pills throughout the area of Atlantic County within less than a year. Moreover, there is a broad segment of patients who are totally unwilling to use non-opioid alternatives of pain killer. Doctors are also becoming too greedy to benefit from their insurance reimbursements and different other driving factors. One more reason is that too many Americans are looking for a fast cure to cope with pain and hence they look for quick fixes. It is then that they’re prescribed opioids.

If you can change the way you think about pain and medicines, you can recover from this cycle of addiction to drugs. Take the addicts to professional rehab centers so that they can get recovered with professional assistance. To know more on this, you may visit as they have a detailed analysis of this crisis.