Some interesting facts about a liver transplant surgery

Some interesting facts about a liver transplant surgery

In the case of a liver transplant it works out to be a surgical procedure where you damaged liver would be replaced by a healthy one. In a way the deceased liver is not in a stage to even function in a normal manner. You can take the liver out from a deceased donor or a healthy person. The liver happens to be one of the most important organs of the human body and does go on to perform numerous functions.

  • Formation of proteins which help the blood to clot
  • Processing nutrients or hormones
  • Remove toxins along with bacteria from the blood

With regards to liver transplant it would be a transplant option that is prone to significant complications or at the end stage of liver disease. In some cases the chances are that a previously normal liver may refuse to function as well. One of the striking points of this procedure would be the number of people who are waiting for the surgery exceeds the available donors. The liver would be bound to get back to its normal size once the surgical procedure would be over. On all counts waiting for a liver donor transplant would be much better than waiting for a deceased transplant.

The reasons for a liver transplant to take place

The prime reason for a liver transplant would be the fact that you have liver cancer. In some cases the conventional methods of treatment would have failed to provide the desired results as well.  This situation can arise quickly or over a given period of time as well.  The main purpose of a liver transplant would be treatment of acute liver pain. When it is the case of chronic liver transplant it does extend to several weeks or months.

With regards to a chronic liver transplant the chances of it occurring are due to various conditions. You can confer the fact that it does occur due to scarring of the liver. Here the scar tissue does go on to replace the normal tissue and goes on to disrupt the function of the liver. You can also rely on the liver transplant in order to some form of cancers that does take place in the liver.

Complications associated with the procedure

As with the case of any surgical procedure, liver transplant involves a lot of complications. A host of risks stem from the procedure itself along with the drugs that are put to use in order to cope up with the rejection as well. Always opt for the best liver transplant surgeon in India as the chances of complications reduce to a considerable extent. The simple reason being infections or blood clots could arise at any point of time. If you analyse the complications associated with the surgery it may mean the infection may stem up again from the transplanted liver.

Once the surgery is over you would need to take medicines for the rest of your life. This would mean that the rejected liver is intact.