Post-pregnancy Massage: best for health and beauty for mothers

Post-pregnancy Massage: best for health and beauty for mothers

Motherhood is indescribable: it is unique, it is divine. To be a mother is to be indescribably divine. But best in this world never comes easily. So is it with pregnancy and childbirth. But how does it sound when we offer something simple to make that complex part of life a little simple? That is where pregnancy massages are important.

Post pregnancy massage is a full body massage that is given to a mum every day for upto 40 days after birth. This is important not only to avoid all those postnatal discomforts but also to ease your hard-labored body. It is important and only a specialist can do it effectively.

Though different methodologies are used, Post pregnancy massageinvolves a thorough massage of your body from toe to head. The postnatal massage is a wonderful traditional practice to help soothe the new mother’s body that has undergone the stress of a child-birth. It can be very relaxing to the mind also.

Post pregnancy massage

It helps relax the muscles and let them regain the natural health. This will help you enjoy the physical shape and fitness that you always enjoyed before pregnancy. By increasing the flow of blood, your muscles will enjoy more oxygen and nutrition thus getting rid of all strains and toxins. A full body massage can also help you maintain breastmilk by working gently on breast muscles.

A soothing massage can free up your otherwise stressed mind and make your day with your child more relaxed and enjoyable. It helps reduce anxiety and depression of the new-mother. In short, a Post pregnancy massage will let you enjoy the motherhood in more easy and meaningful ways. By relieving muscle aches and joint pains, this scheduled massage will encourage quicker recovery of your normal health after a delivery.

Jamu Massage is our popular 60-minutes-postnatal-massage at a cost of S$200. Atrial massage will cost only S$99.Jamu based herbal mixtures and the highly popular ‘Nouri Sexy Mum’ cream will help you get the desired body-shape after child-birth. Our specialized massage schedules and methodologies will ensure you get what you spend for.

Post Natal Deluxe Jamu& Full Body Slimming will cost just S$390. Result is guaranteed with this multi beneficial combined treatment as it is a combination of traditional expertise and the precision of technology. Using our advanced massage methods, Jamuwill make you look young even after being a mother. These massages also combat fatigue and post childbirth depression with focus on your energy points and special muscles.

You can always book a massage so that you are assured of your best time when you come. The dietary guidance is an added offer to make you stay fit, healthy and beautiful.