Significance of having Good System Process and Sharps Container in Hospitals

Significance of having Good System Process and Sharps Container in Hospitals

Throwing sharps in a waste container might be a simple act of throwing a sharp object in a container, but it’s actually more important than that. You see, sharps are a different kind of the waste. It’s a type of waste that requires special care since it contains tissues and blood and can potentially harm anyone. It also has a special disposal process that is unique in its waste classification. But despite the things that hospitals do like having better waste containers for their sharps people still get punctured or cut.

These people are no other than the healthcare professionals that deal with it every single day. Despite their training, there are still alarming incidences of punctures and cuts from these sharps (used sharps). There aren’t really any specifics in the whole country but if you want an estimate it’s a thousand every year. Sure you can blame it on the negligence of the healthcare professional, but surprisingly it’s not all negligence. This just means that aside from negligence there are other factors as to why these types of things happen like ineffective hospital protocol on the disposal of sharps, bad placement and even a “doesn’t make sense” sharp containers. Say you got a good process, and the healthcare professionals are also well trained, it can only mean that the usual problem can be the waste container.

Sharps containers have to be made from durable materials: Sharps are made from metal. It can puncture anything and anyone as long as it’s in the right place and at the right time. Sharps containers should be made from durable materials (no excuses) to prevent any punctures that can ultimately cause injury to someone.

Sharps containers should be designed with space in mind: There are various spaces in the hospital. You need to have sharps containers that can be placed in these various places. There are some hospitals that used the negative spaces in their hospitals to place these containers and depending on the space, they compensate and by having sharp containers in various shapes and sizes.

It should be not restricting for work: There is a big reason why sharps are designed with minimalism in mind and this is because these containers need to be placed in negative spaces and the last thing that you would want is stumble on these things, trip and get injured.

It should have a tight seal: Aside from having a sturdy build, a good sharps container should also have a tight seal. This is a safety feature, this is an assurance for the health care provider that even if they stumble, fall and throws these containers, they don’t get injured with the contents inside the container.

A sharps disposal is often referred to as the process, the system and the container where needles and other sharp objects are stored. Even if there are a ton of medical breakthroughs year after year after year, there is still that looming risk caused by sharps punctures. And year after year after year thousands of healthcare professionals are noted to have these types of accidents and millions are at risks on a day to day basis. If you want a system, a process and a sharp disposal that will work, contact Daniels Health today and know what they can do for you.