Smart Pills for Beginners

Smart Pills for Beginners

Nowadays, it is very hard to concentrate on a single thing when there are a lot of small things that distract us like our phones. People were always looking for a way to improve their focus or maybe to prolong it. There are many ways that this can be done naturally, but a smart pill, also called smart drugs or Nootropics are becoming more popular.

They are cognitive enhancers and depending on the drug they have similar benefits. Some are best for focusing and some have other advantages like getting rid of anxiety and improves sleep. Many great entrepreneurs are using smart drugs in order to do everything from the today list, so we can expect in the near future that they will become more popular. Also, a lot of students are starting to use them. You can find a lot of information online like at Nootropic Aid.

How do They Work?

These smart drugs work by improving the function of specific neurotransmitters in your brain that are responsible for various cognitive functions. The chemicals in the brain are neurotransmitters that communicate with each other to pass information. They are already millions of them in the brain but when you take these pills you are increasing the amount of these transmitters.

Because they differ in function, you can experience a longer attention span, better moods, increased memory, and intensity of focus. There are some products that will expand blood vessels which mean more blood will get to the brain meaning that you will get more glucose, nutrients, and oxygen. Most of them will help your brain cells regrow or slow down the process of dying cells.

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Most Popular Smart Drugs

The most well-known smart pill is Modafinil. The most common dosage is 200 milligrams, but after some period many people go up to 500 milligrams. The main benefit is the focus, but it can’t make you start doing something it will just advance what you are doing now. For example, if you use it for studying and you can study for 4 hours before taking a rest. With Modafinil you will be able to study 5 and a half or more.Before you consider it as a miracle drug, you need to contact your doctor and if they approve it you can do it.

L-Theanine is something you should take with other smart drugs like Modafinil or any type of Racetams in order to make a balance. It increases the brain serotonin and connects to alpha brain waves in order to calm the brain. Smart drugs can sometimes be overwhelming, so having L-Theanine as a balancer is the smartest thing you can do.

There are other types of smart drugs that are meant for people with anxiety and depression. They are a little bit stronger than Modafinil and have some extra chemicals to battle with these conditions. However, there can be some side effects like hyper sexuality, insomnia, irritability, and agitation. If they are used correctly it won’t come to these side effects.

Natural Nootropics

Many people don’t know that things we use the most are considered as natural smart drugs like caffeine. It is a natural brain booster that improves our cognitive skills for a short period of time. Our body actually produces creatine that has some of the benefits caffeine does. The dosage is the most important factors when it comes to taking Nootropics.

Some plants have been used for medicine thousands of years and one of them is Ginkgo Biloba. There are 40 composites of which 2 are most likely to act as medicine which is terpenoids and flavonoids. It is a great antioxidant which improves blood flow and dilating blood vessels. There are some studies that suggest it protects nerve cells damaged by the Alzheimer’s. As for cognitive-enhancing, it is great for focus, mood improvement, and memory. Read more on this page.

Side Effects

Most of the smart drugs can have side effects if they aren’t used correctly. Most common are sleep problems, headaches, restlessness, nervousness, and stomach trouble. If you use too much you may suffer some cardiovascular or psychological issues which can happen with many medications. You can become addicted to it but not at a physical level, so you need to be prepared when you want to use them. You can overcome most of the side effects by using a proper diet and water intake.