Things to Know about Heroin Withdrawal BeforeConsidering Rapid Detox off Suboxone

Things to Know about Heroin Withdrawal BeforeConsidering Rapid Detox off Suboxone

If you had issues with heroin addiction or you know someone who had, you probably know the worst thing that happens due to severe withdrawal issues that will occur after you stop using it.

Addiction to heroin is one of the most powerful and potent habits, and in most cases, an individual will not be able to cope with it without professional help.

Since it is an unpleasant and traumatic experience, you should find a way to do it as soon as possible and in a controlled area with professionals that would help you along the crisis.

To ease the withdrawal symptoms, you can start using different medications that will help you along the way such as Suboxone, but still, this particular medication will create another addiction, which does not have the intensity of heroin, but you still have to find a way to get a rapid detox off Suboxone.

Without help or encouragement, it is challenging to stop using heroin on a regular basis, especially if you have in mind the severity of withdrawal and recovery. Therefore, it is vital to remember that by using the right treatment, you will be able to overcome this particular problem.

Let us start from the very beginning:

Physical Heroin Withdrawal

Since the heroin has the effects that tend to suppress the central nervous system, it will also slow breathing which means that it is a drug that leads to overdose in case you use it too much.

As soon as you develop a physical dependence on this particular type of drug, the first step for withdrawal is physical symptoms that will start a few hours from the last dose. The symptoms include:

  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Insomnia and restlessness
  • Cold flashes
  • Muscle twitches
  • Random Movements
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Most addicts will call these withdrawal symptoms as being dope sick, and users will in most cases decide to use it again because they would instead get high than coping with the unpleasantness especially if they are alone and without professional help.

It is vital to remember in this particular part of a withdrawal that symptoms will pass after a few days. However, everything depends on your individual use and abuse and how long and how much you have been abusing it.

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Getting a professional treatment is the best way to reduce issues and to get clear and cleansed without any additional problem. Numerous detox programs are problematic at first, but as soon as you are washed, you will be able to continue your life as before you tried it.

You can use medications that will be a replacement for severe heroin addiction and withdrawal symptoms, and they will help you reduce the effectiveness so that you can come through the worst parts of the withdrawal period and detox.

One of the most common medications used to alleviate dope sickness and physical symptoms is Suboxone that features buprenorphine, which will help you along the way.

Additional Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Apart from severe physical problems that will seem like being devastated, drug users tend to avoid real issues in their lives, and they tend to suffer from untreated diseases and mental disorders.

Therefore, when they stop consuming heroin, that will alleviate these symptoms, and the problems could increase to the point where an addict cannot function anymore. Part of addiction includes cravings that will happen too often and as time goes by it will reduce to a minimum.

When it comes to mental perspective, heroin abusers will feel utterly opposite than the effects of heroin. As soon as you become dependent on opiates, you will have to experience specific withdrawal symptoms afterward.

Is Heroin Withdrawal Life Threatening?

It is not simple to go through heroin withdrawal and to kill the addiction. Cold turkey perspective is possible, but in 90% of cases, individuals cannot cope with symptoms, and finally they return to a drug of choice.

On the other hand, entering the clinic that will surround you with a team of professionals, you will be able to reduce the symptoms and avoid problems that will happen along the way.

Have in mind that it is not life-threatening to pass the addiction, and as soon as few days pass, physical symptoms will reduce, and you should start psychological and mental evaluation that will help you avoid any drugs in your future.

Have in mind that the detoxification process is not a treatment per se; it is just a beginning and possibility to pass the first and most severe symptoms so that you can move the recovery plan afterward.  Without a recovery plan, the drug user will continue and return to the drug in the future.

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Even though cravings tend to linger after all withdrawal symptoms pass, but as soon as you enter the rehab program, the better chances you will get for a full recovery. The abuse and use of heroin is life-threatening, so by avoiding it, you will reduce the chances of overdose.

This way, you will be able to pave a path that will help you stop using drugs and enter the point of sober life with success and various opportunities. In case that you have to pass specific steps to reach that point, you should start right away, because that way you are not throwing your life.

It is not important which type of recovery you choose, because in all cases, you should understand that the reasons to do it are to protect your own life, nothing more, nothing less. In both cases, it will be worthwhile.