Flat stomach and a slim waistline do catch some eyes whereas bulgy tummy diminishes the confidence of an individual. Fitness is not just about physical well-being but it plays a vital role in mental well-being too. Those who want to get back in shape may have a look at the best tummy workout here. Torso Trimmer is the perfect solution to all your issues regarding unwanted fat. It’s time to burn some fat to get a flat stomach along with a slim waistline. Fitness is not achieved by doing just any exercise, the results are seen when you do the right exercise.

An effective tummy workout will tone your abdominals together with burning some fat. Many people complain about their hard work going in vain. No matter how much they exercise, the result is still zero. This is mainly because most of the exercises that target stomach, like sit-ups and crunchies focus on ab muscles alone. In order to get a flat stomach and slim waistline, one needs to lose weight around the area too. If this is not the case, all your toned muscles will be hidden under the layer of hypodermic fat.

best tummy workout here

One Machine, Many Benefits!

Based on the Pommel Horse event in Olympics this unique machine is designed to provide maximum benefit by toning and strengthening the muscles thereby improving the core strength. Your lower body moves in a circular motion while the upper body is supported by Torso Trimmer. This helps in activating the core muscles of the torso. The speed of the rotations can be adjusted to increase the heart rate. Hence, one can get benefited from the cardiovascular training session.

8 Tummy Workout Options

Belly fat can be too stubborn. But there are a number of workout options that can be performed on Torso Trimmer that will help to tone your stomach, strengthen your core and but stubborn belly fat. Following are the 8 workout options that you can start doing now on your Torso Trimmer.

  1. Classic Torso Trimmer Rotations: It targets the abdominal muscles combined with the effect of cardiovascular workout.
  2. Single Leg Rotations: By doing this workout one can engage abdominals, improve balance and proprioception in combination with aerobic workout.
  3. Split Stance Rotations: It enhances coordination and mobility together with building core strength and aerobic capacity.
  4. Rotating Plank: If you want your torso to be sculpted and defined, this is the workout you need.
  5. Boxing Band Extensions: It focuses on all around shoulder, arm and tummy workout.
  6. Standing Row: Lats, arms and core muscles are target in this workout.
  7. Glute Extensions: This helps in developing a strong core. Don’t forget to keep your abs tight throughout the exercise
  8. Bicep Curl Lunge: It targets the quads, biceps, and core, to provide an effective full body workout.

Try the best tummy workout here and see the difference!