Dr. Curtis Cripe revolutionized Neuro engineering discipline

Dr. Curtis Cripe revolutionized Neuro engineering discipline

Psychology is essentially the technical study of behavior as well as mind and is a complex discipline and includes a number of sub-fields such as human development, sports, cognitive processes, clinical, health, and social behavior. As psychology is a discipline it tries to scrutinize the causes of actions using methodical and objective processes for dimension, inspection, and examination, supported by academic simplifications, understandings, clarifications and forecast.

Dr. Curtis Cripe: A professional NeuroEngineer

Neuro engineering is a field of science which falls under biomedical engineering. This discipline undertakes numerous techniques in order to enhance, understand, or repair the neural systems. Neuroscience has a huge focus on the performance of the human brain and its influence on cognitive behavioral and functions.

At present, Dr. Curtis Cripe is practicing at the NTL Group, and is an extremely experienced neuroengineer, with major expertise in the fields of neuroscience and behavioral medicine. His academic and professional skills are spread through a varied area which includes psychology, psycho-physiology, and addiction recovery. In addition, he is also the founder of the well-known crossroads institute, which is an organization that aims at assisting people who are suffering from brain injuries or facing learning disabilities. 

Dr. Cripe has been able to obtain a PhD in psychology and behavioral medicine from North central University of Arizona. Being a psychologist he has studied cognitive, emotional, and social and behavior processes by understanding, perceiving, and recording how people relay to one another and their surroundings.

Dr. Cripe has neuro-engineered collective neuro-development and cognitive rehabilitation programs devoted to helping children with developmental disorders, such as ADHD / ADD, autism and other learning disabilities and for adults with a diverse range of psychological problems such as shocking brain injury and compulsion. Dr. Cripe’s extensive knowledge in the field of neuroengineering can be seen through his research and one of his path breaking articles on Low Energy Neurofeedback System which has been able to receive recognition from the Journal of Neurotheraphy and was issued in it. The article includes three case studies used by him to increase the hypothesis. In addition, he has also co-authored a book pertaining to Neurofeedback.

Besides being a PhD holder in psychology, Dr. Curtis Cripe is an educational head and qualified in the areas of neurocience as well as behavioral medicine. He mainly focuses on Behavioral Medicine and has been working with NTL Group Inc. located in Scottsdale, U.S.A and his actions include a vast range of welfares and zones. Dr. Cripe is also the founding director of Crossroads Institute which provides services for neurodevelopmental rescheduling, language, speech, auditory processing structures, depression, anxiety, and other brain related complications and memories related problems for the children and adults.

Because of endless contributions in this field, Dr. Cripe has received a number of prestigious awards such as Golden Key International Honor Society-Academic Achievement and 2014 Speaker at Alaska Brain Injury Conference. He is also a licensed Peak Performance Instructor, an INPP instructor for brain development as well as a trained Neurotherapy Instructor.